7 Tips for a Successful Job Search

7 Tips for a Successful Job Search

50 Job Search Tips


Here are 7 tips for a successful job search.

  • First, focus on your resume. Keep it short. Use key words that relate to the job. Your resume should be up to date.
  • Second, create a portfolio of job documents. Get organized!  Use your computer, notebook, tablet, IPAD, or phone.  Create a folder with all job related documents and information so that you can quickly apply for a job. Keep your files up to date.
  • Next, create a professional network. Get acquainted with those in your industry.  Go to professional lunches.  Attend training functions in order to learn new information. Be at workplace gatherings so you can get acquainted.  Let people know you are looking for work.
  • Fourth, network online. Use LinkedIn. Be on other social media like facebook and twitter. Share information about yourself. Gather information about companies, job needs, and to let people know you are interested in a job.
  • Fifth, create a personal brand. Decide what your brand will be, be able to summarize what you do in a short speech, and share your brand with others as a way to communicate what you can do.
  • Sixth, create an elevator speech. This is a short one minute talk about what you can do and why someone should hire you.  You may only have a minute to sell yourself.
  • Finally, stay positive. Do a little each day until you find that job that is a good match for your skills and capabilities.

As you use these 7 tips for a successful job search you will find that you are able to quickly land that dream job you desire.


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