Expand your capabilities: Learn something new

Expand your capabilities:

Learn something new


Take the time to expand your capabilities:  learn something new and your career will grow.  A secret of career success is to continue to learn.  Do it because it is the right thing to do.  This keeps you up to speed in your industry as you learn new things. It keeps you strong within your company because you are in the know.  You keep pace with technology through learning.  It keeps you fresh and better able to adapt as you enhance your skill sets.

You’ll be prepared for new things in addition to being an asset to your organization. You can adapt as new programs, systems, technology, and processes come to your workplace.  It keeps you on the cutting edge of change through your hard work.  You’ll be at the forefront of what is coming  rather than being dragged along by the change.  Make a commitment to learn something new on a regular basis.

Try learning these things.


Creating a Successful Business Plan Learn to buy and sell on eBay Starting a Consulting Practice
Employment Law Fundamentals Understanding the Human Resource Function Accounting Fundamentals
Mastery of Business Fundamentals Effective Business Writing Fundamentals of Supervision and Management




Creating Web Pages  Designing Effective Websites Advanced Web Pages
How to Get Started In Game Development Introduction to Adobe Edge Animate Introduction to Java Script
Introduction to CorelDRAWX5 Introduction to Photoshop CS5 Introduction to Flash CS6



Personal Development

Speed Spanish Instant Italian Beginning Conversational French
Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking Discover Digital Photography Merrill Ream speed Reading
Introduction to Natural Health and Healing Start your Own Edible Garden Start your own gift basket business


Take the time to expand your capabilities: learn something new. You’ll find that it increases your confidence and self esteem.  Your comfortable level with new things will increase while you build your knowledge base.  It will give you a  new and fresh outlook on life as you see new opportunities.  Above all, you  will be better prepared to meet the challenges of the workplace because of your diligence.  Make a commitment to continue to learn.  Learn something new each day in addition to what you do on the job.  Over the course of years, this will make a big difference.



Make a Five Year Plan

Make a five year career plan




Make a five year career plan.  This takes some analysis, thought, and planning to consider where you want your career to be in a few more years.  Here are some steps to make your career plan.

Year One. Set your goals and decide what you want to accomplish within five years. Make a plan to decide what you need to do to move from here to there.

Year Two. Invest in yourself.  Make the changes you need to make to be prepared to do your dream job. This may require investing in yourself, taking a class, learning a new skill, gathering information on industry, and preparing yourself to move into your dream job.

Year Three.  Take the time to network to get acquainted with those who are doing what you want to do.  Make those in your dream job your friends, colleagues and peers.  This will make it easier to move into your dream j ob.

Year Four.   Share your new skills.  Look for ways to apply the skills, knowledge, and experience you have gained. You may be able to do this at work. Do this through volunteering.  Try to keep integrating skills into your personal life.  Use and share your knowledge and skills so that they become who you are.

Year Five. Make contact with business and others to move into your desired position.  Keep making contacts and keep positive until you are able to move into the position you desire.


Tools to help with a career plan

 Here are some web links to help you develop your five year career plan.

As you take the time to create a strong career plan you will find that career success comes to you!



Conduct a 360 degree personal assessment

Conduct a 360 degree personal assessment




Conduct a 360 degree personal assessment. So, what is a 360 degree assessment?  It is a way of getting feedback from all directions and multiple people to know how to improve. Some companies use a 360 degree assessment to evaluate their employees. You can do a 360 degree personal assessment to evaluate areas where you need to improve.

To do this, is it as simple as asking people around you how you can do better.  Ask family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, managers, and those who work for you.  As you ask a variety of people, you will get a variety of feedback.  Then, take the feedback to consider what to focus on in order to improve and do better.  Consider which change will have the most immediate impact. Focus on doing what it takes to make the biggest changes first.

You can also make the 360 degree feedback specific to a job you desire.  Ask people what skills they think you should develop to move into management, to switch careers, or to start your own business.  Then, focus on those skills that will best help you succeed in the job you desire.  Making the change can be hard, but it can lead to big dividends down the road as you prepare for success.

360 Articles

Here are a few articles with information on 360 degree feedback.

Take the time to conduct a 360 degree personal assessment.  Once you have gathered the feedback, really take the time to consider how you need to change.  Change can be difficult, but it can be the very thing that drives your career forward.  Look deep inside of yourself for ways to improve based on the feedback you receive. The changes you make will pay big dividends in terms of job opportunity, growth, and advancement. It all starts with a 360 degree personal assessment