Five Step Skills Improvement Plan

Five Step skills improvement plan



The five step skills improvement plan can be a quick way to plan to improve your skills that will help you success in the workplace.  Take the time to work through each step and you will soon find that you have a new skill that you can put to good use.

First, conduct a self-assessment.

A self-assessment allows you to determine what your skills currently are.  You may decide to develop new skills or you may want to strengthen existing skills. Consider the skills that you have an interest in developing that could be used on the job.

Second, evaluate skills needed in business.

Consider developing or strengthening a skill commonly used in business.  This could include communication, listening, problem solving, computer and technology skills, organization, productivity or team work skills.  While you may want all of these skills, consider which one you would like to focus on first.

Third, decide what skill you will develop.

Make a decision about the skill you will develop.  This involves consideration of your skills, your interests, and well as business needs.  Select a skill that will help you on the job and make a difference in the workplace and your ability to find a job.

Fourth, practice and learn the new skill.

Set specific goals to practice and learn the new skills.  Decide what you will do each day to strengthen the skill you have an interest in.  You may need to devote 30 minutes a day to learning a new computer program, listening, or solving problems in order to practice and learn the new skills. Don’t be discouraged if it seems hard. All new things are hard at first.

Fifth, use the new skill.

Once you have put the time in to learn the new skill look for ways to keep using the skill.  The more you do it, the easier it will become.  Add the skill to your resume and let your boss know about your new skill.  You may find you have earned yourself a promotion without even applying for a new job!

As you use the five step skills improvement plan, you will soon find that you have the new skill you desired and a new promotion as well.

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