Plan to Get Licensed or Certified

Plan to Get Licensed or Certified

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Plan to get licensed or certified. Consider what it takes to be licensed in your field so that you make sure you get the qualifications  to succeed.

An important strategy in tuning up a career is to make a plan to get licensed or certified in order to get the job you desire requires it. Let’s face it, some professions require licensure to ensure that the person practicing the profession has the skills to do the job. Some common professions that require licensing include: medicine, nursing, law, dentistry, teaching, accounting, veterinarian, pharmacists, psychologist, engineer, or architect.  These are the most commonly licensed professions, but certainly not all. Therefore, consider a a profession that you can qualify for by getting a license in order to get a good job.

Do it now!  Don’t delay.  Consider which profession you are interested in so that you can get qualified.

Professions that require a license or certification

Licensed Professions

Once way to decide if you really want to take the time to enter a licensed profession is to take the time to find out  more about certain careers.

Explore a career in nursing.

Explore a career as a pharmacy technician.

Consider a career as an administrative medical assistant.

Explore a career in medical coding.

Explore a career in medical transcription.

Become a veterinary assistant.

Become an optical assistant.

Consider whether to become a physical therapy aide.

Explore a career as a paralegal.


Other times it pays to get certified.  An additional certification may give you a boost over others in your field.

Consider a Certificate in Stress Management.

Certificate in Meditation.

What about a Certificate in Healthy Aging.

Get a Certificate in Food, Nutrition, and Health.

Get a Certificate in Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing.

Explore a Certificate in Integrative Mental Health.

Get a Certificate in Spirituality, Health, and Healing.

What about a Certificate in Healing Environments. or a

Certificate in Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Take the time to explore whether to plan to get licensed or certificated.   Sometimes a license or certification can give you the boost you need in order to step-up your career. After all, you want  to be the one who has a competitive edge when it comes time to get hired.  A license or certificate can be just what you need in order to get that career boost to a new job or promotion.  A few courses, training, and certification can pay big dividends in terms of both job and pay.

What are you waiting for? Do it now and you will soon be enjoying the higher salary that licensed and certified professionals earn.  After all, you will be one of them.

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