Tune up your career by setting SMART goals

Tune up your career by setting SMART goals

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Tune up your career by setting SMART goals.  The best goals are SMART goals.  SMART goals are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time based.


When you set specific goals, you have a greater chance of reaching your goal.  Make sure  that you have identified what you want to accomplish.  What is your target job?  What is your dream job?  Where is your dream job?  How long will it take you to prepare for that job?  What do you  need to do to prepare for that job?  Identify and visualize very specifically the job you want.


If you can measure your goal then you can determine how you will succeed.  Determine what you will measure and take a measurement to know where you are now.  For example, with a target career goal, you could measure the amount of money you earn now with a target to earn more.  In the alternative, you could rate your job satisfaction in your current job and then rate your satisfaction in your target job.  These are outcome measure that measure the final result.

You can also measure your progress.  Consider how to  measure how much time you devote each day to career development.  You could measure the number of people you contact about a job.  Identify a way to measure the things you do each day as you move towards your goal.


Your final goal should be reachable.  Is it really something you can do?  If you are mid-career and want to be a doctor, do you have the years left to prepare for and go to medical school?  If your goal isn’t attainable maybe you can find a close substitute that you will still enjoy.

Make sure that you can actually achieve what it is you want to achieve.  This makes your goal realistic and doable.


The goal should be something you are willing and able to do.  If you want to learn to speak French do you have the commitment to learn a new language and practice every day?  Do you have the time that it takes to do this?  Make sure that your goal is something you can actually work towards considering your current circumstances.


Time Based

Your goal should have a timeline. When do you want to reach your goal?  Is your timeline realistic?  If you want to learn a new profession you will need to devote the time to further education and schooling. If you need to develop a skill, then you need to focus on the time needed for actual skill development.  Make sure your timeline is realistic.

Set time markers to evaluate how you are doing. For example, maybe you set a goal to have a  new job in 1 year.  You decide to measure it by making 5 job contacts a day.  You make the contacts.  Every three months you decide to evaluate and see if you need to “adjust” the way you are doing things.  This allows you to be more effective as you continue towards your goal.

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By setting SMART goals, you can move forward towards the job of your dreams!