Effective Cover Letters

Effective Cover Letters


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Effective cover letters can make all the difference in a job search. Take the time to create a strong cover letter and it may give you the extra edge to land your dream job.  Try these links to learn more about ways to create effective cover letters and to review sample cover letters.  Find the cover letter style that works best for your job interest and needs, then take the time to put a strong cover letter in place to help with your job search.

With an effective cover letter, you can highlight your abilities, skills and know-how so that it is easy for a potential employer to know what you can do and how you can help the company.  An effective cover letter supplements a good resume and is one more information to “sell” your capacity to the hiring company.  Add a cover letter whenever you apply for the job and it can help you become the one they hire.

Tune up your career: Join a Professional Organization

Tune up your career:

Join a Professional Organization

Join a professional organization.  How can a professional organization  help your career?  When you join an organization, it is a great way to meet people in order to stay up to date with changes.  Use the organization to network with others.  This can expand your professional contacts.   Join because you can meet people who have similar skills and interests.  There are many reasons that it is useful to join a professional organization.  Don’t wait – Just do it!

Professional Organization Resources

Join a Professional Organization 

Seriously think about joining a professional organization in order to expand your professional exposure.  Ask which organizations are available in your professional to join and get involved with.  Consider organizations which are nearby so you have easy access.  See which would help you network in order to meet more people.   Find the organization that matches your career interests and goals so that the organization is a good fit. Some people join several  organizations and find it very worthwhile.  For example, you may want to join a local group, state-wide organization, and national organization related to your profession.  You may want to join a general business group and a group specific to your business. Each group will provide different information, contacts, and opportunities.

You can join a professional organization as a way to become linked with many people.  As you become an “insider”, then you gain access to good people, information, and knowledge.  This can be used to enhance your career opportunities, growth, and capabilities.  You can let a  professional organization work for you when you become a member.

When you tune up your career: join a professional organization you automatically have a large group of peers.  This can help you with tough decisions, problems, and  strategies.  This can provide you with good input to improve your business. So what are you waiting for?  Do it today – join a professional organization!


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Create a good career plan

Create a good Career Plan

It is important to create a good career plan.  This means setting aside the time to think about what you like, what you are good at, and what jobs are a good match for your interests.  Consider where you want to be in one year, five years, ten years or even twenty years.  After consideration of what you could do best, create a good career plan that will career you through the coming years.

68 Career PLan

The first place to start is to create a good career plan is to look at yourself.  Assess your values, skills, capabilities, and interests.  What do you like to do? Can you make money at it?

The next step is to evaluate the job market.  What jobs are in demand.  What jobs pay the kind of salary that you desire?  What are the minimum qualifications to get the job you desire.

Next, close the gap by obtaining any skills or knowledge needed to do the job you desire.  Fill in any gaps or holes between your capabilities and job needs.  As you close these holes, you will find that you are well prepared for the job you desire.

Once you have prepared well, apply for the job you desire.  Market yourself to potential employers until you find your dream job.  Once you have landed the job, be sure to continue with professional development to ensure that you continue to upgrade your skills on the job.

On a regular basis conduct a career planning session to evaluate what you would like to change or improve, create a good career plan that will carry to you to the next step on the career ladder.  This will ensure that you have ongoing professional growth and development in the job of your dreams.

Don’t delay, but start in and create a good career plan to give yourself a boost in the marketplace.  If you do so, it will pay big dividends in terms of job satisfaction and pay.  The value of a good career plan can’t be overstated.  It will bring value, satisfaction, and a likely a pass increase as you land that dream job.

Identify Good jobs for the future

Identify good jobs for the future


67 Future

Identify good jobs for the future, prepare yourself, and then land the dream job that is on the future job list and you will be in demand as the years go by. Follow the links below to identify some of the best jobs for the future.

Research the job market

Know the job market in your local geographic area, in your areas of interest, and that relate to your skill sets.  Evaluate the market generally to see how it is changing.  Are you prepared for the changes?  Are you staying up to date with things?

Look to see what market trends are generally.  How will these market trends impact you?  Look at what you need to know and do to be in the job market in five years. Consider how you can enhance your skills to stay competitive.

Get Training for the Good jobs

Identify good jobs for the future, get the career training you need to get the jobs, and then watch as the job offers come in.  It is always a good time to be strategic and find a good jobs for the future. As the market, is always changing continue to keep up to date with the changes. This may mean keep your technical skills up to date. Be sure you know to how to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft  Excel, and Microsoft Access.  This ensures that you are the one with the skills  to land the good job.

Make sure you understand what business is all about so that you can help your business grow. Take a class to prepare for the workplace. Know the Fundamentals of Supervision and Management, Understanding the Human Resource Function, and learn the Mastery of Business Fundamentals.

As you continue to identify good jobs for the future, you will find that you are the one who gets hired or gets the promotion!