Technology Training

Technology Training

43 Technology

Get technology training. Everyone uses technology in order to work.  Every job uses computers to get things done. Upgrade your technology skills so you can upgrade your overall job skill set.  Consider the skills you may need.  This may include knowledge of computer basics.  Can you use new software?  What data base management tools can you use? How are you at web technology and design?  Are you up to date on graphic design? What about computer programming? Take a class to improve your skill set.

Some people have a fear of technology. If this describes you, overcome your fear.  Learn about computers and software. Practice. Improve what you can do. Soon you will find it easy to dive in and do things on the computer.

Computer Basics

What computer basics do you need to know? Keyboarding? Can you use word, excel, or powerpoint? Where are your computer skill gaps?

Computer Skills for the Workplace
Introduction to Windows 7
Introduction to Windows 8
Understanding the Cloud
Introduction to Microsoft Powerpoint 2013
Introduction to Microsoft Word 2013
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2013



What software do you know? Which applications would you like to know? What software would help you on the job?

Introduction to Adobe Acrobat X
Introduction to Dreamweaver CS6
Introduction to Flash CS6
Introduction to InDesign CC
Introduction to Quick Books 2015
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2013
Introduction to Crystal Reports


Database Management

Do you know how to manage databases? Can you prepare reports? What could you learn to do better with database management?

Introduction to Crystal Reports
Introduction to Database Development
Introduction to Microsoft Access 2013
Introduction to Oracle
Introduction to PHP and My SQL


Web Technology and Design

How are you on the web? What do you still need to learn? Which skills could you improve? What would you like to know about the web?

Blogging and podcasting for beginners
Achieving top search engine positions
Marketing your business on the Internet
Creating Web Pages
Designing Effective Websites
How to Get Started in Game Development
Creating Word Press Web Sites
Introduction to CSS3 and HTML5
Introduction to Java Script


Graphic Design

Have you always wanted to design something on the computer?  Take a class to learn about graphic design.

Introduction to Adobe Edge Animate
Introduction to Corel DRAWX5
Introduction to Photoshop CC


Computer Programming

Which computer programming language would you like to know? What would help you on the job?

Introduction to Programming
Introduction to C++ Programming
Mac, IPhone, and Ipad Programming
Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5
Introduction to Visual Basic
Introduction to Networking

Consider how to get technology training. Expand your technical abilities, and your job opportunities will increase.  Almost every job requires technical skills.  Make sure you have the skills that are needed so others will need your help.  A few technical skills may be just the think to ensure you are the one who gets the next job offer.

We are in an age of technology.  It pays to be the one “in the know.” It can be as simple as taking a class. Learn to use a new application. Increase your software capabilities. It doesn’t take much to give yourself a boost. Find a way to get technology training. It will pay off in terms of your job, salary, and opportunities. Be the one who knows how to use technology.  Prepare yourself to answer others questions. Use technology to get the job done.

Networking Tips

Networking Tips for Success


Exchanging business cards at conference

There are a number of networking tips for success that can help you. Learn to navigate the next social event.  Join a  networking function. Be proactive to get acquainted at the next corporate party.  Use your network to find the job of your dreams. Follow the links below to review articles on networking.

Information on Networking

Practice Networking

Anytime you meet someone at work you can practice networking.  Ask the person their name. What do they do? How will you interact with them?  Request a business card. Some people like to make a note on the card to help them remember key facts about the person.  Keep a file with these business cards that you can use to reach out to people.

Use social media to network. Set up a LinkedIn profile. Interact with people online.  This can create a professional profile which can help people get to know you.  You can also get acquainted with others through their profiles.

Be proactive and attend social and professional functions. Attend seminars in order to learn new things and meet new people. Go to business meetings to get acquainted. Meet others in your industry.  As you  practice , these networking  tips will bring you success.

Career Tune-up with a 4 step plan to be promoted

Career Tune-up with a 4 Step plan to be promoted

41 Make a plan

Conduct a career tune-up with a 4 step plan to be promoted.  First, you want to do your homework.  Second, set your goal.  Third. Take action and Fourth. Ask for a promotion.  Let’s look at how to do this.

First. Do your homework.

You do your homework when you find out what your company needs in terms of skills sets to be promoted.  Does your company need someone with management experience? People skills? Good communication? Problem Solving skills?  As your boss, your human resource representative, or someone at a higher level in the organization than  you are what you can do to prepare.

Also take the time to research jobs that would be a next step up for you.  Look at the skills they are looking for, consider how this relates to your skills set.  Find out what those moving up the corporate ladder need to be able to do.

Second. Set your goal.

Once you have identified the skills you need to move up the corporate ladder, make a list of the skills you need to develop to function at a high level job.  From your skill list set your goals.  Determine which skills to develop and set a timeline of what you will do each day and each week to develop those skills.  Remember, good goals should be specific and measureable.  Plan and develop the skills to move up the corporate ladder.

Third. Take action.

Do what you said you would do to reach your goals.  If your goal is to be able to lead a committee meeting, then practice preparing a meeting agenda, holding a meeting, and sticking to the agenda.  Whatever your goal is practice it and then practice some more.  As you take action to reach your goals your skills will expand and you will better be in a position for the promotion.

Fourth. Ask for the promotion.

Once you have developed the skills needed for a higher paying job, then ask for the promotion.  You may be able to do this within your own organization, or you may need to look outside your company for a new job with a higher level of responsibility.  Sell your new skills to land the dream promotion you have been waiting for.

Use the 4 step plan to be promoted. It is as simple. Start by doing your homework, setting your goals, and taking action.  Finally, ask for that promotion!

Strengthen Business Skills

Strengthen Business Skills

40 Business Skills

Strengthen business skills so you will find that you are more valuable to your employer.  So what business skills do you need?  You need to know about general business in order to make better business decisions.  Be sure you understand how to be a manager so that you can mentor others.   Understand business in order to make good decisions. Invest in yourself and your career will grow! When you have the business skills you need, then your career will go. A few minutes today can make a big difference in your capabilities tomorrow.

Extra knowledge and skills can be the thing to help you differentiate yourself in the workplace.  You can be the one who stands out because you simply know what business is about. Learn how to read a financial report. Consider how to manage people.  Understand the laws that govern the workplace.  One skill at a time you can enhance your capabilities.

General Business Skills

Management Skills

Business Knowledge

Strengthen business skills in order to prepare for the future. Strong skills can help you move up the corporate ladder in order to  land a dream job. Consider your skills and where you can fill in a few missing pieces so that you are better qualified in the workplace.

Move to the next level – Develop Leadership Skills

Move to the next level

Develop Leadership Skills


39 Leadership penguins


Move to the next level as you  develop leadership skills.  Leadership skills help you move up the corporate ladder. They move you into management. These skills help you  step into the executive suite.  Leadership is a way to differentiate yourself from others in the workplace. Strong leaders help businesses succeed. So what are you  waiting for?  Dive in to develop the skills you need to take your career to the next level.

Learn about Leadership

Take the time to read up on leadership. Access your own skills.  Identify traits you would like to develop or strengthen. Learn about those skills and then practice them.

Enhance your leadership skills

What can you do to enhance your leadership skills?  Practice!  Once you have identified specific skills to work on,, learn more about those skills. Use them every day. Find ways to practice what you have learned about so that your new skills become second nature. Soon others will see you as a leader because of the way you act and what you do. They will come to you for help and advice. You will turn yourself into a leader.

Continue to be on the lookout for ways you can develop your leadership skills.  This will prepare you for future  opportunities that arise.  It will prepare you to step forward as a strong leader at work. Do what it takes to make yourself a strong leader.