Tune up your career with cover letter best practices

Tune up your career with

Cover Letter Best Practices



Tune up your career with cover letter best practices. This starts by building the skills, knowledge and ability to put on your cover letter.  If you need to start by  strengthening  your knowledge and skill base.  Once you have the skills you need, you can craft a strong cover letter that highlights your capabilities and increases your change for an interview and job offer.

Strengthen your knowledge and skills

Consider taking a class to expand your knowledge on a subject.  This can be a quick way to strengthen your cover letter and resume to get the job desire.  Target a class that gives you the skills you need to be successful in business.

For example,  if you want to move into management you need to know the Fundamentals of Supervision and Management.  Make sure your business decisions are legal with knowledge of Employment Law Fundamentals.  Develop strategies to work with employees by Understanding the Human Resource Function.

You want to understand how business works with Mastery of Business Fundamentals.  Learn how to improve things with Total Quality FundamentalsMake sure your business can turn a profit by knowing Accounting Fundamentals.  Know how to attract customers to your business with Marketing your business  on the Internet.  Consider new marketing strategies as you Learn to Buy and Sell on E-bay.

Cover Letter Best Practices

A good cover letter should identify your skills and abilities that are most relevant to the job.  This can help your resume get bumped to the top of the pile for an interview.  Make sure you highlight your experience and education.  Many people like to ensure that the best capabilities are highlighted with bullet points so that the employer can’t miss what they are good at.

Of course, you want to be sure you are honest in the way you present yourself.  Don’t sell skills you don’t have or make things up to make your resume look good.  Put your best foot forward and sell yourself, but do it honestly based on your actual skills and abilities.

Cover Letter Resources

There are many resources available.  First, learn How to Write a Successful Cover Letter.  You may want to look at a Cover Letter Sample for a Resume to see what a good cover letter looks like.  If you need more help take a look at Cover Letter Examples and Writing Tips to get more information on how to put things together.   Learn How to Write a Cover Letter:  31 Tips you need to know.  This can give your cover letter a real boost.

Some people like to use internet tools such as a Cover Letter Builder to help craft the perfect cover letter.  Others like to use free cover letter templates to create a cover letter.  Consider What your Cover Letter Should Look Like in 2017 so that your cover letter is up to date.  The bottom line is to be sure that you know How to Write a Cover Letter.

Use your cover letter to land a dream job

The cover letter is the first thing the hiring organization sees.  It is the first step in marketing yourself for a new job.  Start by strengthening your knowledge and skills in order to craft a strong cover letter. Make sure you tune up your career with cover letter best practices to land your dream job!


Build a Strong Resume – Get a Job

Build a Strong Resume – Get a Job

Look for ways to build a strong resume that gets you noticed in the job market.  You want your resume to stand out from the others, get noticed, and take you to the next step with a job interview and offer.  Your resume is your chance to sell yourself and your skills and experience to a new company.

A strong resume starts as you gather education, and gain experience, and get skills, and gain knowledge. These are all things you can list on your resume to show that you have the qualifications for the job you desire.  All through your career, you can continue to expand your capabilities so that you can continue to add to and augment your resume.  This will help you move up the career ladder step by step.

Ways to build a strong resume and get a job

When you build a strong resume, you showcase your capabilities so that the person doing the hiring can easily see that you are the right person for the job.  Make it easy for them to see how your skills match   the job opening.  It easy for them to decide to hire you.

Take the time to build a good resume and it will pay dividends throughout your career.  Soon you will be in a position to mentor others along their career path. Be sure it  all starts with a strong resume! Build a strong resume – get a job!

Look at hidden job markets

 Look at hidden job markets


88 hidden job market

Look at hidden job markets.  These are the jobs that don’t get advertised so it takes some digging to find them.  These are the jobs where someone is hired before word is out the company is hiring. You have to make connections to find out about these jobs,  These are desirable jobs, but because they aren’t advertised it takes a bit more digging to find out about them.

There are a variety of ways to do this.  You can talk to people who work in the organization you are interested in order to make contacts.  Make sure you  join social groups so you can get to know people.  Look for ways to network through your acquaintances. Volunteer in the community in order to get acquainted with people. Find ways to attend conferences while your employer pays for it.  Ask if you can participate in a professional organization so you can meet new people.   Be sure to join online discussion groups.  Consider whether you can join a private clubs.  Be strategic and find ways to connect with others in your target marketplace.  This will help you find out about those hidden jobs.

When you do find out about these jobs, you will have an advantage since fewer people will know about the job and be applying to do it. This give you a real advantage right from the start.

Hidden Job Market Articles

As you take the time to look at hidden job markets, you will find that there are many jobs out there if you do a little “digging” to find out about them.  The digging will be worth of the “gold” as you find a job you like and want to keep doing for years to come. So waht are you waiting for – find that hidden job market!



Job Search Best Practices

Job Search Best Practices

83 Job Search

Job search best practices can make all the difference in finding the right job. Take the time to implement a few best practices and it can speed up your job search, make it more effective, and help you find a good match between your skills and career goals and the job you are hired to do. You only have so much time to get a job so use best practices to streamline your search and make it more effective.

When you are looking for a job you want to consider both the externally posted jobs, but also the hidden job market.  Start by identifying your key strengths.  Consider how you can use these strengths to benefit a company, or start a niche business in industry.  What skills are in top demand?  Make sure you get those skills.  What jobs interest you?  Make sure you apply for those jobs?

Be creative as you approach your job search.  Be in contact with as many people as you can.  Someone you contact may have heard about a current or upcoming job opportunity that may be a good match for your skills and interests.  Informal networking always pays big dividends.

 Job Search Best Practices

As you adopt these job search best practices, you will find that you are  quickly able to make the change to your preferred work.  You can achieve the career success you desire.  It all starts by adopting job search best practices.

Create a strong cover letter

Create a strong cover letter


78 Cover Letter

Create a strong cover letter  – it can make all of the difference in landing your dream job. So what does it take to create a strong cover letter?  Make sure it is polished as well as brief and to the point.  This leads the reviewer towards your resume in order to take the reviewer from reading your cover letter to reading your resume.

Create your cover letter to highlight your strengths as a job applicant in a way that invites the reviewer to turn to your resume to read more about you. The more specific you can be about how your skills will match the requirements for the job, the more interest you will generate.  Of course, you want to be honest!  Only add skills that you have and know you can do on the job.

Cover Letter Links

Here are some links to further information on how to create a strong cover letter.

As you take the time it takes to create a strong cover letter, you will find that your cover letter can help differentiate you from the rest of the job applicants.  It can give you the competitive edge to be noticed,  called for an interview and offered a job.  Combine the cover letter with a strong skill set, good interview skills, and enthusiasm for the job and you will have a winning combination to get a job.  As you go about your job search take the time to create a strong cover letter that helps potential employers see how you can help their organization.

Job Interview Tips!

Job Interview Tips


73 Job Interview

Job interview tips will help you get you started in your preparations for the interview.  Be  well prepared for an interview. Preparation begins well before the interview.  Take the time to research the company, find out more about it, and prepare a list of questions to learn more about the company during the interview.  Also, take the time to research the specific job so that you know how it fits in with the rest of the organization. Do your homework so that any questions you ask are based on what you already know and what you still need to know.

When it is time for the interview, make sure you get there early, dress for success, and stay confident.  The interview is a good chance to make a positive first  impression that will impact how you are evaluated.

Once you are in the interview, respond to questions, ask questions, and try to develop a  good rapport with the person conducting the interview.  Conclude the interview in a personal manner.

Research common interview questions and prepare to respond to these common questions.  Go to the interview dressed for success, prepared and then ask questions, sell yourself,  be confident, and make good first impression.  Ace that interview.

Resources to Prepare for the Interview

Here are some resources to help you prepare well for a job interview

As you apply these job interview tips you will find that you are more confident to go into the interview because you are better prepared and know what to anticipate.