Professional Development Expand your Capabilities

Professional Development

 Expand your Capabilities


Professional development is all about expanding your capabilities.  The more capable you are, the higher you will go up the corporate ladder.  Capability creates opportunities so you can succeed.  Consider ways to expand your capabilities as you continue to work. Make a professional development plan so you know what to focus on.  This will help you rise to the top in your career.

Professional Development Questions

Professional development requires thought and planning. Consider the capabilities that you want to expand.  Ask yourself these questions. The questions will help you  evaluate. Decide where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

  • What am I already doing well on the job?
  • What is the one skill or ability I could learn that would help me most on the job?
  • Which  skill or ability would my boss like me to learn? Would the company pay for my training to learn the new skill?
  • What job would I like to be in five years from now? What skills do I need to be qualified for the job?
  • Which  skills and abilities to successful corporate leaders have? Which of those skills would I like to develop?
  • What skill or ability do I wish I had? What could I do to develop that skill?

Professional Development Resources

Here are some professional development resources you may find useful.

Expand your Capabilities

Once you have reviewed your capabilities and made a plan, you can work your plan and consider what to do to expand your capabilities.  An online class, lunch seminar, professional conference can all be the ticket to training. Focus on the target area.  Look for opportunities to learn more.

Make sure you cover the basics as you expand your capabilities.  Here are a few basics you may want to cover.

In addition, you need to practice your new skill. Look for opportunities to practice in order to improve.  Use your new skill on the job so you can showcase what you can do. Practice with family and friends in order to improve your skill.  Use it during your free time.  So keep Practicing!  It will keep getting easier as you do so.

Use professional development so you expand your capabilities.   You will find that doors of opportunity open up in order to gain new skills. More responsibility will come your way as you practice.  You will find the job success you desire as you set your mind to succeed.

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