Resume Tips for Success

Resume Tips for Success

60 Resume-Tips

Here are some resume tips to help you get your resume ready for a successful job search.  Take the time to polish your resume and it will enhance your chances of getting a job interview and ultimately a job. Your goal is career success which starts with a strong resume.


The first resume tips is to make sure you include all needed information.  Put most recent activities first and state your strongest skills up top.  Use objective information and if possible, quantify your successes.  For example, “I improved sales in my department by 12% each year for three years. ” is more specific than “I boosted sales.”

Use key words that relate to the job.  Demonstrate how the things you have done would help you do the job and make you best qualified for the job.  Sell yourself!


The next resume tips is to create a clean and polished document.  Keep it to one page.  Use bullet points to highlight information.  Be sure to proofread and remove any errors.  The overall appearance of you resume should be pleasing to the eye.

Here are some web links to resume tips.

As you use these resume tips for success to help you prepare you resume, you will find you have a resume that does just the trick to help you get hired. Prepare yourself and your resume to land the job of your dreams. Make sure you continue to update your resume as you learn new skills, gain new knowledge, and advance through your career path.

Consider personal enrichment

Consider personal enrichment

57 Personal Enrichment

Consider personal enrichment.   As you learn new things personally, it will impact your ability to do the job. You can enrich your own learning and understanding which will either expand your skill set on the job, or help you feel renewed and refreshed to work hard at your career. Here are a few options as you consider personal enrichment.

*Drawing for the Absolute Beginner *   Introduction to Guitar*

*Achieving Success with Difficult People * Handling Medical Emergencies * Individual Excellence*

*Interpersonal Communication * Discover Sign Language * Starting a nonprofit *

*Introduction to Natural Health and Healing * Start your own edible garden * Personal Finance*

*Mastering Public Speaking* Publish and Sell your E-Books * Skills for Making Great Decisions *

*Merrill Ream Speed Reading * Introduction to Statistics * Growing Plants for Profit and Fun *

*Learn to Buy and Sell on eBay * Start your own gift basket business * Wow, What a great event *

*Introduction to Interior Design * Introduction to Journaling * Instant Italian *

*How to get started in Game Development * Merrill Ream Speed Reading * Write your life story *

Select the topic that looks right for you as you consider personal enrichment.

Tune up your career by Investing in yourself: Read

Tune up your career by Investing in yourself: Read

59 invest in yourself

Take the time to tune up your career by investing in yourself: read. The more you read, the more you add to your knowledge base.  This will help you as  you go through your career. You will be the one who knows what to do.  Reading will help you solve problems.  You will become the “go to” person when issues arise.  In other words, you make yourself valuable. Be the one others need to help them out. The more you are worth, the more you will be paid.



Evaluate your career strategy

Evaluate your Career Strategy


58 Career Strategy

Take the time to evaluate your career strategy. There are several steps to conduct a good assessment.

  • First, assess yourself.


Take the time to reflect and evaluate what you are good at, what you like doing, and what types of jobs hold an interest for you.

  • Second, evaluate the job market.


Consider what opportunities are available in your areas of interest. Look at local as well as other geographic areas to see how competitive it is to get a job in your area of interest.

  • Third, set a career goal.


Maybe you have always wanted to be a manager or go into teaching. Consider whether there is a gap between your capabilities and the skills needed for your desired job.

  • Fourth, make a plan to close the skills gap.


Take classes, get training, volunteer, or take other action to close the gap between your current skills and your desire dream job.

  • Fifth, take action.


Find, interview for, and land your dream job once you have the skills in place to do the job.

Here are some web links that may help you as you evaluate your career strategy.

As you use these processes to evaluate your career strategy, you will soon find yourself working in your dream job!

Invest in yourself: Learn skills for business and financial literacy

Invest in yourself

Learn skills for business and financial literacy


57 Financial Literacy

Take the time to invest in yourself and learn the skills for business and financial literacy. It may only take a a few minutes, but your time will be well spend.  You will come away with new understanding of business.  You will expand your ability to help your company turn  a profit. It will help you make sound financial decisions.  This can impact you both personally and professionally.  What are you waiting for?  Take action now to develop the skills to be a financial success.

Some people think that there is a secret for those who have money.  There is no secret.  There is simply a lot of hard work, planning, and financial management.  Be the one with the skills to do this and you can make yourself financially successful.  It all starts with  how you manage what you have.  You can increase your earning potential and save more.  Consider how to invest and make a profit.  As you invest in yourself, you will soon find that you are the one with a strong financial basis. Don’t delay. Take action for your success now!

Classes for business and financial literacy

*Keys to Successful Money Management * Advanced Microsoft Excel 2016 * Accounting Fundamentals *

*Where Does all my money go? *  Introduction to Crystal Reports * Real Estate Investing *

*Introduction to Business Analysis* Performing Payroll in QuickBooks 2014 *

*Personal Finance  * Intermediate Quick Books 2016 * Stocks, Bonds, and Investing: Oh, My!*

*Business Finance for Non-Finance Personnel* The Analysis and Evaluation of Stocks *

*Mastery of Business Fundamentals* Introduction to Stock Options*

5 Steps to Plan for a Dream Job

5 steps to plan for a dream job

56 Dream Job


Use 5 steps to plan for a dream job.  Take action to complete each step and soon you will be working at a new job of your dreams.

One. Evaluate to determine what your dream job would be. 

What would you be doing? Where would you live? What kind of work environment would it be? Who would you work with?

Two. Make a plan to get your dream job. 

Decide what you need to do to close the gap between your current knowledge and skills and the knowledge and skills for the dream job.

Three. Visualized your dream job.

Think about it every day as you work towards your plan. Keeping the end goal in mind will help you move towards your goal.

Four. Work hard. 

Do what it takes to work your plan.  Get the education, training, and skills you need to achieve your dream job.

Five. Sell yourself. 

Once you have prepared for your dream job let people know of your skills and capabilities that  will allow you to succeed in the dream job.

Resources to help you  find your dream job

Here are  some resources to help you move forward to achieve your dream job.

As you take action to follow the 5 steps to plan for a dream job, you will soon find yourself working in a happy work environment. You can be the one with the job of your dreams as you evaluate, plan, visualize, work hard, and sell yourself.  A few simple steps will get you where you want to be.  Success is just a step away!