Plan for the Unexpected

Plan for the Unexpected

Plan for the unexpected.  Whether you like it or not, the unexpected happens.  You’ve seen it.  Like it or not, we’ve all been caught in the middle of unexpected events.  It can be anything from a change in business or customer demand, a change in the overall marketplace, or event a natural disaster that impact business flow.  Like it or not, the unexpected impacts jobs, businesses, and people.

The Unexpected Happens

We’ve all been there. You are going about your work day when BOOM out of nowhere something happens that shifts the work focus for the rest of the day. The ability to adapt as the need arises makes you valuable on the job.

The unexpected can happen in bigger ways as well.  You are going along at work, then suddenly you find out that your company is downsizing and you need to look for new work.  When this happens, your skills and capabilities help you transition to a different workplace.  Your job security is in your capabilities.

Make a Plan

It is always good to have a plan.  Even when your job or your schedule seems secure, plan what you would do if a change arises.  Will you be able to adapt to the small day to day changes at work?  Can you adjust quickly? Are you able to take the bigger changes in stride?  Do you have the skills to transition to a new job or workplace?  Are you confident in what you can do?

From these questions, you can make a plan of what to do to be better prepared for the unexpected events that happen on the job or over the course of a career.  Make your plan now.

Be Prepared

As you work your plan you will be prepared to meet the changes that arise in the workplace.  Make sure you have the skills that you need to stay competitive on the job no matter what changes arise. Make sure that you understand the Mastery of Business Fundamentals, Understanding the Human Resource Function, know the basics of Employment Law Fundamentals, and can engage in Total Quality Fundamentals. A few business basics keep you prepared on the job.

As you continue to plan for the unexpected, you will find that you have the tools to adapt to workplace changes that come your way.


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