Make your To Do List for Success

Make your To Do List for Success

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Make your to do list for success. Work your way through the list and you will soon find yourself at the top of your career.

Define Success

This starts by defining what “success” means for you.  Is getting to the top of the corporate ladder?  Being your own boss? Having a good balance between work and family time?  Figure out what will make you feel happy and successful.

Focus on Individual Change

Once you have defined success, you can focus on those things to do that will really make a difference.  Apply the 80/20 rule and do the 20% of things that make 80% of the difference.  Don’t just improve once, but embark on a life time of improvement.  Keep learning and growing, so that you can grow yourself into a better position.  Leverage your to do list to do those things which are most useful to bring about your success.

For example, there are always problems at work.  Focus on solutions rather than problems and you will soon find yourself as the person everyone goes to when things need a solution. Ask around and find out what people need help with and then offer to do it.  You will soon have a reputation as a problem solver.

Help meet corporate goals

Of course, besides knowing what you want, you need to know what your company’s goals are.  Even if you run your own small business, you need to figure out how to align what you do with the corporate goals.  When you facilitate corporate success, your success is sure to follow!

Resources on Career Success

As you make your to do list for success, you can then take the time to do what is on the list and be sure that you are prepared to move your career to the next level.

Communicate for Success

Communicate for Success

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Communicate for success.  This can make all of the difference in your workplace growth. Good workplace communication improves your job skills.  It can mean the difference between a job well done or one that isn’t done well. Be the one  who knows how to successfully speak.  Learn to listen. Talk to others to solve problems.   These strong communication skills will then lead you up the corporate ladder so that you achieve career success.

Take the time to develop strong communication skills.  As you do so, you will differentiate yourself.  You will become the “go to” person.  You will be the one who can listen to others. It will help you solve problems.  You can get things done more quickly. Strong communication can prepare you to move into a leadership role. All it takes is a little practice.

Communication skills for the workplace

There are a variety of communication skills you will need.  Here are a few to consider.

  • Connect with others
  • Look people in the eye
  • Ask questions
  • Learn the art of listening
  • Ask if you have really understood correctly
  • Focus on the facts
  • Speak in a respectful manner
  • Write clearly
  • Respond promptly to others
  • Focus on problem solving
  • Learn to resolve conflict
  • Keep your words clear and concise
  • Encourage two-way communication
  • Effectively share your ideas
  • Focus on the positive

Web links to more information on effective workplace communication

Here are some articles on ways to enhance your communication.

Communicate for success.  Use your new communication skills.  This will help you engages in good dialogue.  You’ll be able to figure out how to solve problems.  It will be easier to listen and understand.  Make sure that your communication is two way so that people feel comfortable speaking to you and learning what you have to say.

Create a strong cover letter

Create a strong cover letter


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Create a strong cover letter  – it can make all of the difference in landing your dream job. So what does it take to create a strong cover letter?  Make sure it is polished as well as brief and to the point.  This leads the reviewer towards your resume in order to take the reviewer from reading your cover letter to reading your resume.

Create your cover letter to highlight your strengths as a job applicant in a way that invites the reviewer to turn to your resume to read more about you. The more specific you can be about how your skills will match the requirements for the job, the more interest you will generate.  Of course, you want to be honest!  Only add skills that you have and know you can do on the job.

Cover Letter Links

Here are some links to further information on how to create a strong cover letter.

As you take the time it takes to create a strong cover letter, you will find that your cover letter can help differentiate you from the rest of the job applicants.  It can give you the competitive edge to be noticed,  called for an interview and offered a job.  Combine the cover letter with a strong skill set, good interview skills, and enthusiasm for the job and you will have a winning combination to get a job.  As you go about your job search take the time to create a strong cover letter that helps potential employers see how you can help their organization.

Plan to invest in yourself through personal development

Plan to Invest in yourself through

Personal Development


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When you make a plan to invest in yourself through personal development, then you are making a plan to invest in yourself.  As you develop new abilities and skills you will carry with you on the job. Personal development can be a lifelong process as you work to expand your capabilities, capacities in ways that will impact your job both directly and indirectly.

Here are some basic skills you will need on the job.  If you find that you are weak in one of these areas, step back and evaluate how you can more fully develop or practice that skill.  The more you do it, the easier it will become.

Core Workplace Skills

  • Time management
  • Computer skills
  • Good communication
  • Hard work
  • Punctuality
  • Focus on your work
  • Completing high quality Work
  • Basic Reading
  • Basic Math
  • Working with a team
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Learning new things
  • Accepting feedback
  • Positive Attitude

As you can see, these are all skills you need in any type of job and in any workplace.  Strengthen these “core” skills and you will strengthen your ability to do well on the job. In addition to the core skills, there are additional preferred skills.  See if you can strengthen these preferred skills as well.

 Preferred Workplace Skills

  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Planning and multi-tasking
  • Goal setting
  • Organized
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Motivating others
  • Computer programs used for your job and in your industry
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Problem Solving

When you are able to strengthen these preferred skills, then you make yourself increasingly valuable to your employer.  You put yourself in a position for a promotion or raise to a leadership position within your organization.  You strengthen your ability to move along the career path.

For more reading about workplace skills follow the links below.

Workplace Skills

As you take the time to continue to invest in yourself through personal development you will find out how easy it is to move up the corporate ladder. Don’t forget to take a moment to pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

Conduct a career tune-up: Obtain new horizons with new skills and new knowledge

Conduct a career tune-up: 

Obtain new horizons with new skills and new knowledge

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Conduct a career tune-up:  obtain new horizons with new skills and new knowledge.  When you add skills to your existing capabilities, you expand what you can do and ways you can work to help others.  When you add new knowledge to your tool chest, you increase your ability to apply the knowledge to solve workplace problems.  Both skills and knowledge make you more valuable to your employer.

Here are some career skills you may want to make sure you have:

Here are some knowledge areas that are useful in the workplace:

As you do what it take to conduct a career tune-up:  obtain new horizons with new skills and new knowledge; then you will find that your capacity is increase, your value to your employer goes up, and your skills and knowledge are in demand.  Be the one who is in demand by giving your skills and knowledge a boost.