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Professional Development Expand your Capabilities

Professional Development  Expand your Capabilities   Professional development is all about expanding your capabilities.  The more capable you are, the higher you will go up the corporate ladder.  Capability creates opportunities so you can succeed.  Consider ways to expand your capabilities as you continue to work. Make a professional development plan so you know what […]

Plan for the Unexpected

Plan for the Unexpected Plan for the unexpected.  Whether you like it or not, the unexpected happens.  You’ve seen it.  Like it or not, we’ve all been caught in the middle of unexpected events.  It can be anything from a change in business or customer demand, a change in the overall marketplace, or event a […]

Learn from your experience and conduct a weekly career self-assessment

Learn from your Experience and Conduct a Weekly Career Self-Assessment   ­­­­­­­­­ Learn from your experience and conduct a weekly self-assessment. Ask yourself a few questions so that you are always learning from your experiences.  Over a lifetime, this can lead to real skill development. Career Self-Assessment Questions What can I learn from what happened […]

Learn to be a Team Player

Learn to be a Team Player   It is important to learn to be a team player in the workplace.  Being part of the team can enhance your professional development and help you move to the next level. It helps you assimilate with those you work with at work and strengthens the overall business atmosphere. […]

Small Business Development

Small Business Development     It can be useful to consider small business development as a way to bring in extra income.  Many people run a small business on the side while still working full time.  Others grow a business as a way to continue to bring money in after retirement.  Still others focus full […]

Build a Strong Resume – Get a Job

Build a Strong Resume – Get a Job Look for ways to build a strong resume that gets you noticed in the job market.  You want your resume to stand out from the others, get noticed, and take you to the next step with a job interview and offer.  Your resume is your chance to sell […]

Social Media Job Networking

Social Media Job Networking   Social media job networking is an important way to find a new job.  Look for ways to create a social media presence.  Use your social media presence to make contacts with others in your field, industry and community.  This will make it easy to find a new job through your […]