Create a good career plan

Create a good Career Plan

It is important to create a good career plan.  This means setting aside the time to think about what you like, what you are good at, and what jobs are a good match for your interests.  Consider where you want to be in one year, five years, ten years or even twenty years.  After consideration of what you could do best, create a good career plan that will career you through the coming years.

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The first place to start is to create a good career plan is to look at yourself.  Assess your values, skills, capabilities, and interests.  What do you like to do? Can you make money at it?

The next step is to evaluate the job market.  What jobs are in demand.  What jobs pay the kind of salary that you desire?  What are the minimum qualifications to get the job you desire.

Next, close the gap by obtaining any skills or knowledge needed to do the job you desire.  Fill in any gaps or holes between your capabilities and job needs.  As you close these holes, you will find that you are well prepared for the job you desire.

Once you have prepared well, apply for the job you desire.  Market yourself to potential employers until you find your dream job.  Once you have landed the job, be sure to continue with professional development to ensure that you continue to upgrade your skills on the job.

On a regular basis conduct a career planning session to evaluate what you would like to change or improve, create a good career plan that will carry to you to the next step on the career ladder.  This will ensure that you have ongoing professional growth and development in the job of your dreams.

Don’t delay, but start in and create a good career plan to give yourself a boost in the marketplace.  If you do so, it will pay big dividends in terms of job satisfaction and pay.  The value of a good career plan can’t be overstated.  It will bring value, satisfaction, and a likely a pass increase as you land that dream job.

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