Make your To Do List for Success

Make your To Do List for Success

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Make your to do list for success. Work your way through the list and you will soon find yourself at the top of your career.

Define Success

This starts by defining what “success” means for you.  Is getting to the top of the corporate ladder?  Being your own boss? Having a good balance between work and family time?  Figure out what will make you feel happy and successful.

Focus on Individual Change

Once you have defined success, you can focus on those things to do that will really make a difference.  Apply the 80/20 rule and do the 20% of things that make 80% of the difference.  Don’t just improve once, but embark on a life time of improvement.  Keep learning and growing, so that you can grow yourself into a better position.  Leverage your to do list to do those things which are most useful to bring about your success.

For example, there are always problems at work.  Focus on solutions rather than problems and you will soon find yourself as the person everyone goes to when things need a solution. Ask around and find out what people need help with and then offer to do it.  You will soon have a reputation as a problem solver.

Help meet corporate goals

Of course, besides knowing what you want, you need to know what your company’s goals are.  Even if you run your own small business, you need to figure out how to align what you do with the corporate goals.  When you facilitate corporate success, your success is sure to follow!

Resources on Career Success

As you make your to do list for success, you can then take the time to do what is on the list and be sure that you are prepared to move your career to the next level.

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