Career Tune-up with a 4 step plan to be promoted

Career Tune-up with a 4 Step plan to be promoted

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Conduct a career tune-up with a 4 step plan to be promoted.  First, you want to do your homework.  Second, set your goal.  Third. Take action and Fourth. Ask for a promotion.  Let’s look at how to do this.

First. Do your homework.

You do your homework when you find out what your company needs in terms of skills sets to be promoted.  Does your company need someone with management experience? People skills? Good communication? Problem Solving skills?  As your boss, your human resource representative, or someone at a higher level in the organization than  you are what you can do to prepare.

Also take the time to research jobs that would be a next step up for you.  Look at the skills they are looking for, consider how this relates to your skills set.  Find out what those moving up the corporate ladder need to be able to do.

Second. Set your goal.

Once you have identified the skills you need to move up the corporate ladder, make a list of the skills you need to develop to function at a high level job.  From your skill list set your goals.  Determine which skills to develop and set a timeline of what you will do each day and each week to develop those skills.  Remember, good goals should be specific and measureable.  Plan and develop the skills to move up the corporate ladder.

Third. Take action.

Do what you said you would do to reach your goals.  If your goal is to be able to lead a committee meeting, then practice preparing a meeting agenda, holding a meeting, and sticking to the agenda.  Whatever your goal is practice it and then practice some more.  As you take action to reach your goals your skills will expand and you will better be in a position for the promotion.

Fourth. Ask for the promotion.

Once you have developed the skills needed for a higher paying job, then ask for the promotion.  You may be able to do this within your own organization, or you may need to look outside your company for a new job with a higher level of responsibility.  Sell your new skills to land the dream promotion you have been waiting for.

Use the 4 step plan to be promoted. It is as simple. Start by doing your homework, setting your goals, and taking action.  Finally, ask for that promotion!

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