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Networking Tips for Success


Exchanging business cards at conference

There are a number of networking tips for success that can help you. Learn to navigate the next social event.  Join a  networking function. Be proactive to get acquainted at the next corporate party.  Use your network to find the job of your dreams. Follow the links below to review articles on networking.

Information on Networking

Practice Networking

Anytime you meet someone at work you can practice networking.  Ask the person their name. What do they do? How will you interact with them?  Request a business card. Some people like to make a note on the card to help them remember key facts about the person.  Keep a file with these business cards that you can use to reach out to people.

Use social media to network. Set up a LinkedIn profile. Interact with people online.  This can create a professional profile which can help people get to know you.  You can also get acquainted with others through their profiles.

Be proactive and attend social and professional functions. Attend seminars in order to learn new things and meet new people. Go to business meetings to get acquainted. Meet others in your industry.  As you  practice , these networking  tips will bring you success.

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