Consider personal enrichment

Consider personal enrichment

57 Personal Enrichment

Consider personal enrichment.   As you learn new things personally, it will impact your ability to do the job. You can enrich your own learning and understanding which will either expand your skill set on the job, or help you feel renewed and refreshed to work hard at your career. Here are a few options as you consider personal enrichment.

*Drawing for the Absolute Beginner *   Introduction to Guitar*

*Achieving Success with Difficult People * Handling Medical Emergencies * Individual Excellence*

*Interpersonal Communication * Discover Sign Language * Starting a nonprofit *

*Introduction to Natural Health and Healing * Start your own edible garden * Personal Finance*

*Mastering Public Speaking* Publish and Sell your E-Books * Skills for Making Great Decisions *

*Merrill Ream Speed Reading * Introduction to Statistics * Growing Plants for Profit and Fun *

*Learn to Buy and Sell on eBay * Start your own gift basket business * Wow, What a great event *

*Introduction to Interior Design * Introduction to Journaling * Instant Italian *

*How to get started in Game Development * Merrill Ream Speed Reading * Write your life story *

Select the topic that looks right for you as you consider personal enrichment.

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