Evaluate your career strategy

Evaluate your Career Strategy


58 Career Strategy

Take the time to evaluate your career strategy. There are several steps to conduct a good assessment.

  • First, assess yourself.


Take the time to reflect and evaluate what you are good at, what you like doing, and what types of jobs hold an interest for you.

  • Second, evaluate the job market.


Consider what opportunities are available in your areas of interest. Look at local as well as other geographic areas to see how competitive it is to get a job in your area of interest.

  • Third, set a career goal.


Maybe you have always wanted to be a manager or go into teaching. Consider whether there is a gap between your capabilities and the skills needed for your desired job.

  • Fourth, make a plan to close the skills gap.


Take classes, get training, volunteer, or take other action to close the gap between your current skills and your desire dream job.

  • Fifth, take action.


Find, interview for, and land your dream job once you have the skills in place to do the job.

Here are some web links that may help you as you evaluate your career strategy.

As you use these processes to evaluate your career strategy, you will soon find yourself working in your dream job!

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