3 things to do when you don’t get a job offer

3 things to do when don’t get a job offer

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Here are 3 things to do when you don’t get a job offer.  Sometimes you make your plan, apply for a job, only to find out that you didn’t get a job offer.  Consider what to do when this happens.

First, evaluate the reasons.

Follow the links below and consider the reasons that would apply in your situation.

Consider how these reasons apply to your situation.

Second, evaluate what you can change.


Ask yourself if there are reasons that are within your control and that you can change. The most important thing to do when you don’t get a job offer is to change those things within your control to be better prepared for the next job interview. Here are a few questions to consider in evaluating what you can change.

  • What first impression do I make? Do I appear professional, well-groomed, and pleasant?
  • How do my qualifications measure up? Is there something I could do to enhance my resume? How could I improve my capabilities to have an edge over the competition?
  • How are my interpersonal skills? Was I able to develop a rapport with the interviewer? Did a use professional language? Did I ask good questions? How could I improve my interpersonal communication?
  • Will the company I interviewed with have future positions? How could I stay in touch with the interviewer to be considered for a future job?
  • Was I prepared for the interview? Did I do my homework to find out about the company, its goals, and how the job I am applying for fits in to the big picture? How could I prepare better for future interviews?

Third, change what you can.

You probably can’t change things if the company has a hiring freeze, budget limitation, or if there is an internal candidate that is preferred over one outside the company.  However, there are many things you can change.  Make of list of the things you want to change to do better in the next interview.  For each item on your list make a plan of ways you can improve in that area.  Remember, change takes time so don’t expect overnight results.

Each day do something to implement your change strategies. This will help you be better prepared for the next interview.  Next time you don’t want to be considering three things to do when you don’t get a job offer.  You want to be saying:Yes! I’d love to start a new job!”

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