5 things to do to step up your career up to the next level

Step up career 2015

5 things to do to step up your career 

You have some work experience and want to move into management.  You want to step up your career. What do you do?

1.   Learn to Manage.

Often the next step up the career ladder is to move into management.  Learn about managing and supervising other workers.  Read a few books about management such as The First Time Manager, by Loren Belker and Jim McCormick  or The 27 Challenges Managers Face:  Step-by-Step Solutions to (Nearly) All of your Management Problems by Bruce Tulgan or Management by Richard L. Daft.  Take a class on the  Fundamentals of Supervision and Management .  Learn the secrets of what Human Resource  professionals do as they work with people by taking a class in Understanding Human Resource Function .

2.  Know what managers know. 

Take the time to know the law as it applies to the workplace.  Take a class on Employment Law Fundamentals  or read a book such as Employment Law in a Nutshell, Third Edition by Robert Covington.

3.   Meet corporate goals. 

Managers know about corporate goals and objectives and where they fit in.  They create value by making sure the team they manage meets or improves those corporate objectives. Start by asking your own manager about the goals your team and organization are working towards. Do your part to meet those corporate goals.  As you do so, you become a valuable asset to your organization! It may help to learn a few business fundamentals so that you are clear what makes a business success.  Read about business goals in a book such as  The Goal:  A Process of Ongoing Improvement   by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox or Hard Goals:  The Secret to Getting from Where you are to where you want to be by Mark Murphy.  Consider a course in Mastery of Business Fundamentals   or Business Finance for Non-Finance Personnel  or Creating a Successful Business Plan.

4. Have the people skills. 

Managers need strong organizational and people skills.  Make sure you have the skills you need. You could take a class to learn about the people part of management.  Take a class on Keys to Effective Communication or Achieving Success with Difficult People.  You can also hone up on your skills by reading a few books on communication.  Try The Art of Communicating  by Thich Nhat Hanh or Everyone Communicates, Few Connect:  What the most effective people do differently by John C. Maxwell.  Once you have learned some new skills be sure to take the time to practice each new skill.

5. Work Hard and Work Smart. 

Tune up your career. Take the time to work hard, but also work smart by focusing on what matter most in your organization.  Align your goals with corporate goals.  Create good working relationships with others.  Know what managers know and prepare yourself to move into a more senior position within your organization. You may want to read Working  Smart: A Blueprint for Success in the Corporate Workplace  by Dr. Addons Wu or Work Smarts: What CEOs Say you need to know to get ahead   by  Betty Liu. Be smart in the way you work.

These five things can help you step up your career.  You can learn to manage.  Learn about the laws that managers need to know.  You will know how to meet corporate goals.  You will have the people skills and know how to work hard and work smart.

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