Career Tune-Up – 6 Ways to Give yourself an Edge

Career Tune-Up

6 Ways to Give yourself an Edge


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When it comes to tuning up your career, you want to do what it takes to give yourself the edge in the marketplace. Often little things make a big difference!  Here are a six ways to give yourself an edge and distinguish yourself so that you are the one who is hired or promoted.

  • One. Do more than is expected.  Those who do more than they are asked, assume responsibility, and work hard are the ones who move ahead.
  • Two. Make things better. The old Scout motto of leaving a place better than you found it is true on the job. Look for ways to make your workplace, your productivity, your boss, etc. look better.
  • Three. Be a team player. Work well with others. Give others credit when credit is due. Communicate, share ideas, and focus on problem solving. Everyone does better when they work well with others.
  • Four. Add a secondary skill. A secondary skill is another skill not required for the job that supplements it. Say, you work on a computer. Learn a new computer application as a secondary skill. This will allow you to differentiate yourself from others. If you work with the public, learn a second language. If you can do the job and do something that others can’t you have created good job security for yourself.
  • Five. Be a problem solver. When issues arise, figure out how to solve them. In doing so, you will become the indispensable “go to” person to solve problems.
  • Six. Learn on the job. Continue to learn new things. As someone asked “Are you doing the same job 20 times over 20 years or are you continuing to learn and doing a new job, even if it is in the old title, for each new year?” If you continue to learn new things, you will keep up with changes in the workplace.

As you adopt these six ways to give yourself an edge you will find that you put yourself in a strong position in the workplace and prepare well to be the one to move into a more responsible and lucrative position!

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