Career Networking for Success

Career Networking for Success

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Career networking for success is a good way to engage in professional development.  Here are some links to information on how to use career networking to benefit your career.

Career Networking Web Links

Networking best practices

Take the time to make links with others in your field.  This can be as simple as talking to your co-workers. You may want to join a professional organization so you can meet new people.  Consider volunteering within your profession to meet others.  Sign up for a professional development class in order to learn something new.  Attend local career functions that relate to your field.  Partner with others in your field to get acquainted  with others with your same interests.

Regularly, be on the look  for ways to expand your peer network as you come to know others in your field.  This can give your career a real boost.  When you go to interview, you may find that you know the person doing the interviewing.  It may give you the inside scoop on a company.  You may be the first to find out what is happening in industry.  Be the one in the know as you take the time to network with others.

Make it a point to network with someone outside of your organization and within your organization each day and each week.  As you take the time to engage in career networking, it can help you  find the job you want!


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