Effective Cover Letters

Effective Cover Letters


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Effective cover letters can make all the difference in a job search. Take the time to create a strong cover letter and it may give you the extra edge to land your dream job.  Try these links to learn more about ways to create effective cover letters and to review sample cover letters.  Find the cover letter style that works best for your job interest and needs, then take the time to put a strong cover letter in place to help with your job search.

With an effective cover letter, you can highlight your abilities, skills and know-how so that it is easy for a potential employer to know what you can do and how you can help the company.  An effective cover letter supplements a good resume and is one more information to “sell” your capacity to the hiring company.  Add a cover letter whenever you apply for the job and it can help you become the one they hire.

Social Media Job Strategies

Social Media Job Strategies

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Social media job strategies can be a useful way to find a job. Use social media as part of your job strategy and you will find that you are soon able to land your dream job.  It seems that everyone is on social media, so use it to your advantages as part of your job search.  Look for ways to use social media to network, find jobs, and land your desired job.

Here are a few links on how to use social media in your job strategy.

Integrate social media job strategies into your job search in order to optimize your results.  A few smart moves can make a big difference in finding the job that is a good match for you.

A social media job search can include using facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, youtube, or other electronic communication to gather information about the job market, to share your information about what you can do, and to link you to your ideal job.

Resume Tips for Success

Resume Tips for Success

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Here are some resume tips to help you get your resume ready for a successful job search.  Take the time to polish your resume and it will enhance your chances of getting a job interview and ultimately a job. Your goal is career success which starts with a strong resume.


The first resume tips is to make sure you include all needed information.  Put most recent activities first and state your strongest skills up top.  Use objective information and if possible, quantify your successes.  For example, “I improved sales in my department by 12% each year for three years. ” is more specific than “I boosted sales.”

Use key words that relate to the job.  Demonstrate how the things you have done would help you do the job and make you best qualified for the job.  Sell yourself!


The next resume tips is to create a clean and polished document.  Keep it to one page.  Use bullet points to highlight information.  Be sure to proofread and remove any errors.  The overall appearance of you resume should be pleasing to the eye.

Here are some web links to resume tips.

As you use these resume tips for success to help you prepare you resume, you will find you have a resume that does just the trick to help you get hired. Prepare yourself and your resume to land the job of your dreams. Make sure you continue to update your resume as you learn new skills, gain new knowledge, and advance through your career path.

7 Tips for a Successful Job Search

7 Tips for a Successful Job Search

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Here are 7 tips for a successful job search.

  • First, focus on your resume. Keep it short. Use key words that relate to the job. Your resume should be up to date.
  • Second, create a portfolio of job documents. Get organized!  Use your computer, notebook, tablet, IPAD, or phone.  Create a folder with all job related documents and information so that you can quickly apply for a job. Keep your files up to date.
  • Next, create a professional network. Get acquainted with those in your industry.  Go to professional lunches.  Attend training functions in order to learn new information. Be at workplace gatherings so you can get acquainted.  Let people know you are looking for work.
  • Fourth, network online. Use LinkedIn. Be on other social media like facebook and twitter. Share information about yourself. Gather information about companies, job needs, and to let people know you are interested in a job.
  • Fifth, create a personal brand. Decide what your brand will be, be able to summarize what you do in a short speech, and share your brand with others as a way to communicate what you can do.
  • Sixth, create an elevator speech. This is a short one minute talk about what you can do and why someone should hire you.  You may only have a minute to sell yourself.
  • Finally, stay positive. Do a little each day until you find that job that is a good match for your skills and capabilities.

As you use these 7 tips for a successful job search you will find that you are able to quickly land that dream job you desire.


Networking Tips

Networking Tips for Success


Exchanging business cards at conference

There are a number of networking tips for success that can help you. Learn to navigate the next social event.  Join a  networking function. Be proactive to get acquainted at the next corporate party.  Use your network to find the job of your dreams. Follow the links below to review articles on networking.

Information on Networking

Practice Networking

Anytime you meet someone at work you can practice networking.  Ask the person their name. What do they do? How will you interact with them?  Request a business card. Some people like to make a note on the card to help them remember key facts about the person.  Keep a file with these business cards that you can use to reach out to people.

Use social media to network. Set up a LinkedIn profile. Interact with people online.  This can create a professional profile which can help people get to know you.  You can also get acquainted with others through their profiles.

Be proactive and attend social and professional functions. Attend seminars in order to learn new things and meet new people. Go to business meetings to get acquainted. Meet others in your industry.  As you  practice , these networking  tips will bring you success.