Look at hidden job markets

 Look at hidden job markets


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Look at hidden job markets.  These are the jobs that don’t get advertised so it takes some digging to find them.  These are the jobs where someone is hired before word is out the company is hiring. You have to make connections to find out about these jobs,  These are desirable jobs, but because they aren’t advertised it takes a bit more digging to find out about them.

There are a variety of ways to do this.  You can talk to people who work in the organization you are interested in order to make contacts.  Make sure you  join social groups so you can get to know people.  Look for ways to network through your acquaintances. Volunteer in the community in order to get acquainted with people. Find ways to attend conferences while your employer pays for it.  Ask if you can participate in a professional organization so you can meet new people.   Be sure to join online discussion groups.  Consider whether you can join a private clubs.  Be strategic and find ways to connect with others in your target marketplace.  This will help you find out about those hidden jobs.

When you do find out about these jobs, you will have an advantage since fewer people will know about the job and be applying to do it. This give you a real advantage right from the start.

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As you take the time to look at hidden job markets, you will find that there are many jobs out there if you do a little “digging” to find out about them.  The digging will be worth of the “gold” as you find a job you like and want to keep doing for years to come. So waht are you waiting for – find that hidden job market!



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