Conduct a 360 degree personal assessment

Conduct a 360 degree personal assessment




Conduct a 360 degree personal assessment. So, what is a 360 degree assessment?  It is a way of getting feedback from all directions and multiple people to know how to improve. Some companies use a 360 degree assessment to evaluate their employees. You can do a 360 degree personal assessment to evaluate areas where you need to improve.

To do this, is it as simple as asking people around you how you can do better.  Ask family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, managers, and those who work for you.  As you ask a variety of people, you will get a variety of feedback.  Then, take the feedback to consider what to focus on in order to improve and do better.  Consider which change will have the most immediate impact. Focus on doing what it takes to make the biggest changes first.

You can also make the 360 degree feedback specific to a job you desire.  Ask people what skills they think you should develop to move into management, to switch careers, or to start your own business.  Then, focus on those skills that will best help you succeed in the job you desire.  Making the change can be hard, but it can lead to big dividends down the road as you prepare for success.

360 Articles

Here are a few articles with information on 360 degree feedback.

Take the time to conduct a 360 degree personal assessment.  Once you have gathered the feedback, really take the time to consider how you need to change.  Change can be difficult, but it can be the very thing that drives your career forward.  Look deep inside of yourself for ways to improve based on the feedback you receive. The changes you make will pay big dividends in terms of job opportunity, growth, and advancement. It all starts with a 360 degree personal assessment






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