Evaluate the Job Market

Evaluate the Job Market

75 Job Market


It is important to take the time to evaluate the job market. Knowing the market and its trends and help you find job success.

Look at your target market

If you have a target field or job that you want to do, then evaluate the specific market for that field.  Look at professional journals, articles, gather information, network with people in the field in order to find out who is hiring, what jobs are “hot”, and whether the industry as a whole is expanding on contracting.  Once you know what your target job market is doing, you can make it a point to get the skills the employers in your field desire.

Look at the market generally

Other times you may not have a target job in mind.  Look at the market generally.  You can look at the Bureau of Labor statistics web site which has information on occupation, outlook, earnings, etc. for a variety of occupations. Target a specific occupation that is on the rise, looks to stay strong over the next decade and shows a great amount of growth.

In addition, you may want to gather information on your local job market.  Who is hiring in your city?  What industries have the greatest growth in your area?  Some people like to join a professional organization, network, talk to people, and gather first-hand information on the local market.  Go and talk to a few employers to see who they are hiring and what skills they need.  This will allow you to prepare with the skill set employers need in hiring.

Use the market information you found

Once you know the job market, here are a few strategies to use the information you have found.

  • First, consider what jobs you would enjoy doing in job areas where there is expected to be growth.
  • Second, get the skills needed to work in areas of strong growth.
  • Third, let employers in your target job market know you are interested in work.
  • Fourth, continue to hone your skills to stay up to date as the market changes.

As you evaluate the job market and do what it takes to be prepared to land a job in an area of high demand, you can ensure that you and your skills will be in demand in the marketplace.


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