Four tips for Getting Hired.

Four Tips for Getting Hired.

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If your career needs a tune-up and you need a new jobs, here are a few tips for getting hired. First, make time to review job announcements.  Second, respond quickly to new job postings. Third, prepare for the Interview. Fourth, follow-up after the interview.

ONE. Make time to review job announcements.

Target job announcements in areas where you are qualified.  Don’t spend time applying for jobs you don’t have the skills for.  You may want to target specific companies that you know treat employees well.  It takes time to research new job postings and evaluate whether you qualify, so schedule a time each day to do some looking. Some job applicants like to start each day by reviewing new job announcements.

Use online job boards to look for announcements such as Indeed, Glass Door, Monster, and Career Builder. Don’t forget corporate web sites.  If you have targeted a specific company be sure to regularly look at their web site for job postings.

TWO. Respond quickly to new job postings.

Keep your resume up to date and ready to post.  Fine tune it as needed so that your resume includes key words relevant for the job, while still keep the resume true and accurate.

Once you spot a job posting that is a good match, then complete the application and attach your resume.  Responding early may make the difference of whether your application is reviewed.

THREE. Prepare for the Interview.

Prepare for the interview by considering your honest response to common interview questions.  Have a friend ask you common questions so you have practice responding in a professional manner.

Gather information about the company and prepare questions for the company.  Ask about the job? Ask how your job fits into the big picture?  Ask other specific questions unique to the organization.  This will demonstrate that you are prepared and have done your homework about the company.

FOUR. Follow-up after the Interview.

Differentiate yourself by following up after the interview. Send a thank you note or e-mail to thank the interviewer for their time.  If the interviewer asks for further information, provide it promptly.  Once you have done all you can do, then keep applying for more jobs until you have an actual offer of employment in hand.

When the offer comes in, make sure it is a good match between your skills and the needs of the organization.  The happiest employees are those who love what they do!

Remember to follow these four tips for getting hired:  review job announcements, respond quickly, prepare for the interview, and follow-up after the interview. You will soon find yourself HIRED!

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