Get the Business Skills employers hire for

Get the Business Skills employers hire for

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Get the business skills that employers hire for. Learn something new to make yourself more marketable in the workplace.  Take a class. Sign up for a seminar. Go to a brown bag lunch.  Find ways to keep learning on the job.  This will allow you to be in a prime position to earn that promotion, get a new job, or move into a job that pays better.

In a few short weeks, you can expand your capabilities, knowledge, and ability to do well. Consider the things that you need to know to move into management.  You need to know the know the “Fundamentals of Supervision and Management, Employment Law Fundamentals, and how Building Teams that work can help you. It is important to have skills in Leadership, Total Quality Fundamentals, and Mastery of Business Fundamentals.

Click on the links below to explore which things you can learn about in order to increase your job opportunities.


Mastery of Business Fundamentals Building Teams that Work
Business Finance for Non-Finance Personnel Employment Law Fundamentals
Accounting Fundamentals Understanding the Human Resource Function
Fundamentals of Supervision and Management Nonprofit fundraising essentials
Manufacturing Fundamentals Leadership
Purchasing Fundamentals Keys to Effective Communication
High Speed Project Management Small Business Marketing
Six Sigma:  Total Quality Applications Marketing your business on the Internet
Total Quality Fundamentals Effective Selling
Creating a Successful Business Plan Learn to buy and sell on eBay
Keys to Successful Money Management Start and operate your own home-based business
Real Estate Investing Introduction to Stock Options


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