Graduation is looming, now what?

Graduation is looming, now what?

Prepare for the next career step

Graduation and career seem to go hand in hand so take action. Have you started thinking about what to do after graduation yet? What are your big “to do” items as you wrap up this semester? Find a job or perhaps an internship? Expand on your skills and abilities? Graduate school?

If you haven’t done so, it’s important to create your vision and begin working towards your career goals. Don’t let thinks sneak up on you.

Graduation and career:  Questions to ask

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you set your career-related goals and finish wrapping up your college career:

  • What work do I want to do?  What Industries I am interested in?
  • Why is this work important?
  • Am I competitive with others who do this work?
  • What are the main skills, knowledge and abilities needed to excel in this work?
  • Am I staying updated with the latest trends?
  • How’s my professional network? Am I actively using LinkedIn and is my profile updated and strong? Are my offline and online groups supporting me in making new connections and staying knowledgeable in my field?
  • Is my resume updated? Does it showcase my accomplishments and offer solid evidence that I am the best person to overcome an employer’s challenges?

These questions will help you start to formulate a plan in order to move forward. Remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Graduation and career: Take the next step

Once you have asked the hard questions, then take the next step to ensure that you move forward with your career.  If you need a job, then start sending out applications. When you are go on in school, be sure to apply for further education.  If you need another class, be the one to sign up.  Be sure to do what it takes to move forward after career.

Graduation and career can lead you forward towards positive professional goals.  Do what it takes to keep moving forward.

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