How to find a mentor

How to find a Mentor

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It is important to know how to find a mentor.  A good mentor can make all the difference in giving you a “boost” with your career and helping you move it to the next level.  A good mentor can coach and help you develop the skills that you need to succeed on the job.  Once you have moved to a higher level of work yourself, you may be able to mentor others and make a real difference in their career.

The first step in finding a good mentor is to identify your career goal and look for who is doing what you want to do.  Make contact with the person you hope will be your mentor and ask them for advice, coaching, or counsel.  Ask the person specifically if they will mentor you.  Many successful people want to “pay back” the help they received by helping those who are still learning the rules of success.

Once you have found the mentor, then you need to do what it takes to be easy to mentor.  Listen to what the mentor has to say and follow his/her suggestions.  Ask for and assume more responsibility.  Help other succeed and continue to build a support network with others in the organization.  There are typically good leaders in any organization for you to observe, learn from, and follow in your efforts for success.

Finally, be sure you thank your mentor for any assistance given.  Let him/her know how much you appreciate the time, effort, wisdom, and advice that has been shared with you to help you succeed.

How to Find a Mentor

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