Is your job right for you?

Is your job right for you?


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As part of a career tune-up ask yourself: Is your job right for you? Here are some questions to ask to evaluate if you are in a job that is a good match for your skills.


  • Do you love going to work?
  • Do you look up to and admire the leaders of your company?
  • Do your values match the values of the organization you work for?
  • Does your job provide opportunities for growth and development on the job?
  • Are you proud to work for the company?
  • Do you feel valued and appreciated for what you do?
  • Does your job require you to use the skills you do best?
  • Does your job challenge and encourage you to expand your skill set?
  • Does your job provide a good work/life balance?
  • Do you enjoy the people you work with?
  • Is the company you work for financially strong and stable?
  • Are you treated with respect and consideration on the job?


If your answer to these questions is a resounding yes, then you have found a good match between your skills, the needs of the job in a stable company.  On the other hand, if you have identified more than a few no’s, you may want to consider looking for a position that is a better match.

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An important part of a career tune-up is to know: is your job is right for you?  If it is, then stay and enjoy it!  If not, consider ways to find a better match between your job and your skills and interests.

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