Make a Five Year Plan

Make a five year career plan




Make a five year career plan.  This takes some analysis, thought, and planning to consider where you want your career to be in a few more years.  Here are some steps to make your career plan.

Year One. Set your goals and decide what you want to accomplish within five years. Make a plan to decide what you need to do to move from here to there.

Year Two. Invest in yourself.  Make the changes you need to make to be prepared to do your dream job. This may require investing in yourself, taking a class, learning a new skill, gathering information on industry, and preparing yourself to move into your dream job.

Year Three.  Take the time to network to get acquainted with those who are doing what you want to do.  Make those in your dream job your friends, colleagues and peers.  This will make it easier to move into your dream j ob.

Year Four.   Share your new skills.  Look for ways to apply the skills, knowledge, and experience you have gained. You may be able to do this at work. Do this through volunteering.  Try to keep integrating skills into your personal life.  Use and share your knowledge and skills so that they become who you are.

Year Five. Make contact with business and others to move into your desired position.  Keep making contacts and keep positive until you are able to move into the position you desire.


Tools to help with a career plan

 Here are some web links to help you develop your five year career plan.

As you take the time to create a strong career plan you will find that career success comes to you!



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