Medical Training

Medical Training


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The medical profession employs a number of workers.  Take the time to find out if a medical career is for you .  Take a class to learn what medical professionals know . Do some medical training to land your dream job!


Career Exploration Skills/Knowledge Development
Explore a Career as an Administrative medical assistant Handling Medical Emergencies
Become an optical assistant HIPAA Compliance
Become a physical therapy aide Spanish for Medical Professionals
Explore a career in nursing Spanish for Medical Professionals II
Explore a career in medical writing Medical Math
Explore a career in medical coding Introduction to Statistics
Explore a career in medical transcription Human Anatomy and Physiology
Explore a career as a pharmacy technician Human Anatomy and Physiology II
Legal nurse consulting Teaching Students with Autism
Introduction to natural health and healing Leadership
Certificate in healing environments Build Teams that Work
Certificate in stress management Interpersonal Communication
Certificate in meditation Keys to Effective Communication
Certificate in  spirituality, health, and healing Fundamentals of Supervision &Management
Certificate in brain health Fundamentals of Supervision & Management II
Certificate in complementary and alternative medicine Fundamentals of Technical Writing
Certificate in Starting your own business in health and healing  Employment Law Fundamentals
Certificate in Healthy Aging Business Finance for Non-Finance Personnel
Certificate in Food, Nutrition, and Health Mastery of Business Fundamentals
Certificate in End of Life Care Nonprofit fundraising essentials
Certificate in Gerontology
Certificate in Holistic and Integrative Health: Foundations 1 Creating a Successful Business Plan
Certificate in Integrative Mental Health Workers Compensation
Certificate in Pain Assessment and Management Total quality fundamentals
Certificate in Perinatal Issues Medical terminology:  a word association approach

So what are you waiting for?  Dive in to learn what you need to know to pursue a medical career.

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