Plan for a Retirement Job

Plan for a Retirement Job

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Plan for a Retirement Job

It is common these days for people to plan for a retirement job. A job that keeps some income coming in even though they have retired from their regular work. A retirement job may be in the same industry you have work for before or you may decide to try an entirely new type of job.

If you are wanting to work full or part time in retirement or move to a pre-retirement job, take the time to evaluate what you really want to do.  Consider 6 Ways People over 50 can find jobs they’ll love, 7 mistakes job seekers over 50 make, Land the Job you Love!: 10 Surefire Strategies for Jobseekers over 50, Working after retirement: 69 post-retirement jobs that can change your life, Second-Act Careers: 50+ ways to profit from your passions during semi-retirement, or 72 ways to earn extra cash after you retire: from anywhere in the world

Resources for Retirement Jobs

Senior Job Bank
Workforce 50
AARP Best Employers for Workers over 50
The Best Employers and Jobs for Workers over 50
100 Great Second- Act Career Resources
Retirement Jobs

Strategies for a  Retirement Job

As you plan for a retirement job consider strategies that will help you succeed as an older worker.  Make sure you update your skills to be current with what is needed in the workforce, accentuate your experience and capabilities, find ways to let those doing the hiring how you can help the company.

Be aware that the job search has changed from the “old days” as most jobs are posted online, applications are electronic, and you may need to fine-tune your resume for each position you apply to. Remember to network and let people know you are looking for work.

As you adopt these a strategic plan to find a retirement job, you will find that your plan for a retirement job has really paid off.

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