Present a Professional Image

Present a Professional Image

17 Professional Image

As part of your career tune-up consider ways to present a professional image.  Your image is based on what you wear, what you say and how you act.

What you wear

Make sure that the way you dress reflects the image that you want.  Try to dress as someone the next level up in your organization would dress.  If you dress like the boss, it will be easier for you to become the box.

Focus on wearing conservative attire, dress or slacks, tailored skirts and dresses, ties and suits with appropriate jewelry,scarf or purse.  Make sure you are clean and avoid strong perfumes or smells.  Cover up tattoos and piercings.  Make your image project professionalism.

What you say

Make sure that your words are professional, positive, and help you communicate well.  You don’t want to use slang, swear words, or abbreviations in your speech.  Look for ways to interact in positive ways with your coworkers, boss, and others.  Speak kind words, even while being firm about commitments.

Avoid boasting, back talking about coworkers,  saying that you can do things you really can’t, and negativity.  If you find any of these things slipping into your words, be sure to work to get them out.

Your words can have a lasting impact on your coworkers, so be sure you are leaving a good feeling behind when you finish what you have to say.

How you act

Your actions should also reflect professionalism.  Make it easy for others to interact with you.  Be like an old shoe – comfortable to be around.  Of course, you don’t want to be so comfortable that you start to slouch and not do your work.

Avoid workplace tantrums, hysterics, and confrontations.  Find ways to work through things by communicating well to solve problems.

A professional gets to work early, exceeds work expectations, and gets the job done.  Make yourself know by being the one who does the most work, is most personal to get along with, and works well with others.  These are the ways to earn a promotion!

Look the part you want to be.  Present a professional image through what you wear, what you say and how you act.



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