The Key to Success is Career planning

The Key To Success is Career planning

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The key to success is planning. Make it a point to regularly assess your career, decide where you want to go next, and make a plan. This will ensure that you have the continued successful career of your choice.


Key to Success is Career planning – Assess

At least once a year evaluate your career to see how you are doing. Ask yourself if you are doing what you want to be doing. Evaluate whether your current job involves doing what you like to do. Look at what you have accomplished and learned in the past year. List the skills you have developed and consider how they would transfer to a different job. Evaluate your weaknesses and opportunities of areas you can improve in.


Review business trends, growth, and patterns that would impact the job area you are in or want to be in. Look at opportunities in your field, area of interest, and your company to see how you can “grow” your career. Look at your career/life balance to see if it is the way you like it. If not consider how to change.


Key to Success is Career planning – Decide


Reflect on your interests, needs, station in life, and job demands. Consider what has changed in the last year that would change your job needs. Set career and job goals.  Determine what you want to accomplish in the coming year. Consider whether training or education  would enhance your skills and help you move to the next level or to a more desired job.


Key to Success is Career planning – Plan

Make a plan about how to take the next steps to move to what you want to do next

Divide your plan into measurable tasks that you can accomplish.


Because the key to career success is career planning,  you want to spend the time to plan. It will be worth your time. Take the time to assess, decide and implement your career plan to move forward to your career goals.


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