Three ways to use Technology to Boost your Career

Use Technology to Boost your Career
Use Technology to Boost your Career

Three ways to use Technology to Boost your Career

Technology changes rapidly! . Read about Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015. It takes some time to learn how to use the new technology;  but  knowing technology can enhance your capabilities on the job, make you a valuable resource, and expand your job opportunities. Read three ways to use technology to boost your career:

            First, Know the Basics

            Second, Connect Using Technology

            Third, Use Technology To Be Productive

Regularly look for ways to learn something new about technology.  This will keep your job skills competitive in a changing workplace that includes regular, new technology advancements. Invest in yourself and invest in technology. Include technology in your career plan.

First, Know the Basics

Cell Phones.

Do you use your cell phone to its fullest capacity?  Your cell phone vendor may have free classes or online tutorials to help you master your new phone.  Be on the lookout for new apps that will improve your productivity.  Talk to others with a similar phone and share phone tips!  Make sure you know all the basics to use your phone as part of your job networking, search, and application process. For tips on the basics of using a cell phone review the article on How to Use a Cell Phone.


Do you have a tablet and know how to use it?  This year may be a time to purchase a tablet for use at both work and home.  There are a variety of options.  Review the Tablet Buying Guide – How to Buy the Right Tablet, Tablet Review – 2015 Buying Guide and Top Picks, or review consumer reports Top Tablet Rating – Tablet Buying Guide.

You can boost your ability to carry a book, newspaper, magazine or other content around with a simply e-reader.  You can try Kindle paperwhite, Kindle touch screen, or  Kindle Fire HDX 7’ tablet, depending upon your needs. Maybe it’s time to try an IPAD.


Do you have a current computer that you use, or are you using an “old dinosaur” that is out of date?  Make sure that your computer and your computer skills are refreshed to keep you current in the workplace.  Maybe you need a course on computer basics such as Computer Skills for the Workplace, Keyboarding,  Introduction to Windows 8or Introduction to PC Troubleshooting.  

If you are ready for something more advanced, you may be ready for a more in-depth course on computers such as Introduction to Programming, How to Get Started in Game Development, Introduction to Database Development, Introduction to SQL , or Mac, Iphone, and IPAD programming.


Use social media to advance your business by taking a course on  Using Social Media in Business. Learn to create a website by taking a course on Introduction to Creating WordPress Websites or learn to create a web site with a course on Creating Web PagesMake sure people get to your web site with a course on Achieving Top Search Engine Positions.

Second, Connect Using Technology

There are many ways to connect using technology. Learn how to use technology to help you network, search for a job, or even apply for a job!  Look for ways to connect using technology to help you find that dream job, grow your business, or move up in the workplace!


Use Your Phone

Explore ways to use your phone in the job search and application process.   Review the Top 10 Tips for Using Your Phone to Job Search and learn How to apply for a job over the phone.  Use LinkedIn in Applying for a job in LinkedIn on your Mobile Device.  This can make it easy to apply for a job from any location.

Social Media. 

Learn how to Jump-Start Your Career  with LinkedInUse facebook or other social media pages to market a profile or your small business.  Connect to others with similar business interests and share information. Review 10 Smart Ways to Use Social Media in your job search or How to Use Social Networking to Boost your career.


Don’t let technology leave you behind.  Brush up on some skills or learn a new skill.   Take a class on Blogging and Podcasting for Beginners.   Look at how Using Twitter for Career Networking can help you network.  Follow the career hashtags on twitter by knowing the 10 popular twitter hashtags for job seekers to follow.

Third, Use Technology to Be Productive

Cell Phone Productivity Apps. 

Regardless of the type of phone that you use, there are a variety of productivity apps that can help you “work smarter”.  Review apps that will make you more productive on your phone: 18 Must Have Android Productivity Apps, 20 Best Windows Phone Productivity AppsProductivity – Android Apps on Google Play, or Top 5 productivity apps for smartphone, The best 100 iphone apps of 2015.

Consider moving beyond using apps to developing your own.  Take a class on Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5.   If you are good with technology, app development itself could become your job!

Tablet Apps. 

There are a number of good tablet applications to improve productivity.  Whether you using an android tablet or an IPAD, there are many tools to help boost your productivity.  Read about some of the reviews of tablet apps:  20 best productivity apps – Tom’s Guide, 10 IPAD Apps for Personal Productivity, or The 100 best IPAD apps of 2015.

Computer Productivity.  

Make sure you know how to use the computer and common software applications.  Take a class on Computer Skills for the Workplace or learn about a specific computer application such as:   Introduction to Microsoft Word 2013, Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2013Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2013, Introduction to Microsoft Access 2013, Introduction to Microsoft Project 2013Introduction to QuickBooks 2014, Introduction to Adobe Acrobat XBecome the one who knows about project management with a Project Management Fundamentals course.

If your home computer or laptop has gotten out of date, consider an upgrade so that you can “get up to speed” on current hardware and software as part of your job preparation.  Laptops have never been more affordable:  HP Stream 11 Laptop, Asus 15.6” Intel dual core Celeron 2.16 Ghz laptop, or Dell Inspiron 15.6” laptop intel Celeron processorThere are also many desktops in the affordable range: Dell Inspiron i3043-5000BLK 19.5” touchscreen all-in-one computer or HP Pavilion 23g 10.23” all-in-one desktop.

Make sure you use these three ways to use technology to boost your career: (1) know the basics, (2) connect using technology, and (3) use technology to be productive.

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