Career: Tune Up your Image

Career: Tune up your image


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Help your career:  tune up your image. It may be time to tune up your image and get the word out about what you can do.    Get some help  to send out your message.  Brand yourself so it is clear what you do.  Share your work experience in order to  land your next dream job. Get the help you need to it to the next level.  You can do this as you update your resume, cover letter, business cards, etc.  to the next level.

Resources for your Career:  Tune up your image

Take action to your career:  Tune up your image

Consider the many ways that you can take action to impact your career and tune up your image.  All of the items you present as part of a job search are a reflection on you.  Put together, they create a strong visual image of who you are and what you want to achieve in your career. Take the time to make sure your resume, cover letter and business cards are professional.  Update them from time to time to ensure that they stay current.

Make sure your actions reflect professionalism and good well.  Become known as a professional who works hard, helps others, and helps meet corporate goals.  Be the go to person who politely helps others and takes on additional work.  Be the one who leads the way for others to follow.  As you do so, you will build a strong reputation for professionalism.

As you take steps to tune up the image you share through your cover letter, resume, business card, blog or flyer you will find others are better able to see how they can use the skills you offer!

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