Assess the Next Step of your career path

Assess the Next Step of your career path

81 Career Next STep

Assess the next step of your career path.  In order to do this, you need to know exactly where you are.  Review the table below. See the common next steps based on your current career situation. Note, that the specific next step you will take will depend upon your specific career goal.  You can take multiple steps.  Keep moving towards your desired career goals.

Current Career Location

Next Step on the Career Path

Career Goal

Unemployed Improve job skills by taking a class, workshop, learning from a friend, etc. Get a job
Working without a high school diploma Get a high school GED A better job and wage
Working with high school diploma Continue your education & improve your skills with an associate degree, trade school, college, or on the job skills training A better job, better wage and More job Opportunities
Working with on the job skills that are paid more than minimum wage Continue to develop more skills on the job, through a course, or through a community college Job and wage opportunities
Front line employee Learn about business and how to manage others, take management courses on the job, online, or at a local school. Management Position with more responsibility and higher salary
Manager Learn more about the business and its goals, get the skills to help the business meet its goals Upper level Management
Unemployed, working, management Learn about small business start ups, preparing a business plan, and marketing your product to others Small Business Owner
Small Business Owner Learn strategies to expand your business by expanding your customers, product line, or market area Medium Size Business Owner
Manager, Upper Level Management,  Small Business Owner Learn leadership, strategic planning, metrics, and other strategies CEO, CFO, or other Executive

Take the time to assess the next step of your career path.  As you do so, you will find that you can change your career. Step by step you can move to the career position that you desire. This will continue to enhance your career.

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