Tune up your career: Join a Professional Organization

Tune up your career:

Join a Professional Organization

Join a professional organization.  How can a professional organization  help your career?  When you join an organization, it is a great way to meet people in order to stay up to date with changes.  Use the organization to network with others.  This can expand your professional contacts.   Join because you can meet people who have similar skills and interests.  There are many reasons that it is useful to join a professional organization.  Don’t wait – Just do it!

Professional Organization Resources

Join a Professional Organization 

Seriously think about joining a professional organization in order to expand your professional exposure.  Ask which organizations are available in your professional to join and get involved with.  Consider organizations which are nearby so you have easy access.  See which would help you network in order to meet more people.   Find the organization that matches your career interests and goals so that the organization is a good fit. Some people join several  organizations and find it very worthwhile.  For example, you may want to join a local group, state-wide organization, and national organization related to your profession.  You may want to join a general business group and a group specific to your business. Each group will provide different information, contacts, and opportunities.

You can join a professional organization as a way to become linked with many people.  As you become an “insider”, then you gain access to good people, information, and knowledge.  This can be used to enhance your career opportunities, growth, and capabilities.  You can let a  professional organization work for you when you become a member.

When you tune up your career: join a professional organization you automatically have a large group of peers.  This can help you with tough decisions, problems, and  strategies.  This can provide you with good input to improve your business. So what are you waiting for?  Do it today – join a professional organization!


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Career Networking for Success

Career Networking for Success

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Career networking for success is a good way to engage in professional development.  Here are some links to information on how to use career networking to benefit your career.

Career Networking Web Links

Networking best practices

Take the time to make links with others in your field.  This can be as simple as talking to your co-workers. You may want to join a professional organization so you can meet new people.  Consider volunteering within your profession to meet others.  Sign up for a professional development class in order to learn something new.  Attend local career functions that relate to your field.  Partner with others in your field to get acquainted  with others with your same interests.

Regularly, be on the look  for ways to expand your peer network as you come to know others in your field.  This can give your career a real boost.  When you go to interview, you may find that you know the person doing the interviewing.  It may give you the inside scoop on a company.  You may be the first to find out what is happening in industry.  Be the one in the know as you take the time to network with others.

Make it a point to network with someone outside of your organization and within your organization each day and each week.  As you take the time to engage in career networking, it can help you  find the job you want!


Tune up your career by Investing in yourself: Read

Tune up your career by Investing in yourself: Read

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Take the time to tune up your career by investing in yourself: read. The more you read, the more you add to your knowledge base.  This will help you as  you go through your career. You will be the one who knows what to do.  Reading will help you solve problems.  You will become the “go to” person when issues arise.  In other words, you make yourself valuable. Be the one others need to help them out. The more you are worth, the more you will be paid.



Create a Personal Brand

Create a Personal Brand

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Create a personal brand through a few simple strategies.  Your personal brand allows you to be recognized and seen for who you are and what you do. This starts by thinking of yourself as a brand.

Evaluate your personal brand

Consider how you add values to others and what you have to share.  Consider what is uniquely valuable about yourself.  What is the product or talent that you have to share?  Create your brand around your abilities.

Take the time to evaluate how others see you.  How can you be more clear in  telling others who you are?  Be clear in what you can do? How can  you add value? Pay attention to what you share about yourself.  How can you create a strong online presence that reflects who you are?  What are your priorities and who is your target audience?  What details will impact the image you share with others?

Make a few changes to secure your brand

Once you have evaluated your personal brand, you can consider what changes to make to secure your brand.  Your brand reflects your image.  This is included in how you dress.  Consider how you carry yourself.  Update your social network profiles to reflect your brand.  Create a new web site that reflects your brand.  Start a blog that  supports your brand. As you align all that you do with your new personal brand, you will find that your brand caries though in all that you do.


Move to the next level – Develop Leadership Skills

Move to the next level

Develop Leadership Skills


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Move to the next level as you  develop leadership skills.  Leadership skills help you move up the corporate ladder. They move you into management. These skills help you  step into the executive suite.  Leadership is a way to differentiate yourself from others in the workplace. Strong leaders help businesses succeed. So what are you  waiting for?  Dive in to develop the skills you need to take your career to the next level.

Learn about Leadership

Take the time to read up on leadership. Access your own skills.  Identify traits you would like to develop or strengthen. Learn about those skills and then practice them.

Enhance your leadership skills

What can you do to enhance your leadership skills?  Practice!  Once you have identified specific skills to work on,, learn more about those skills. Use them every day. Find ways to practice what you have learned about so that your new skills become second nature. Soon others will see you as a leader because of the way you act and what you do. They will come to you for help and advice. You will turn yourself into a leader.

Continue to be on the lookout for ways you can develop your leadership skills.  This will prepare you for future  opportunities that arise.  It will prepare you to step forward as a strong leader at work. Do what it takes to make yourself a strong leader.

Volunteering to Gain Skills


Volunteering to Gain Skills


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Volunteering to gain skills can enhance your career.   As a volunteer, you can gain experience.  Volunteers learn to be on time.  It can help you keep commitments.  You can learn to coordinate with others.  It can help you learn to  communicate with people.  Volunteers solve problems.  They organize and work hard.  Volunteers coordinate and work on teams.  In fact, some people develop great leadership skills through volunteering.

Volunteer questions

Here are a few questions to help you decide where you want to volunteer.

  • What community projects interest me?
  • Which skills would I use when I volunteer?
  • What kind of a time commitment does the organization want from its volunteers?
  • Who would I be working with?
  • How would it impact my day job?
  • Where could I volunteer to gain new skills?
  • What volunteer opportunities are nearby?
  • How are my friends volunteering?
  • Who needs my help in my local community?
  • What skills do I have to offer as a volunteer?
  • Why do I want to volunteer?

Volunteer Actions

Volunteering to gain skills is more than asking a few questions to identify good opportunities.  It means diving in to take action. Pick up the phone.  Make the phone call to line up a volunteer activity.  Get involved in your community.  As you do so you will gain new skills, meet new people, and find new ways to expand your opportunities.

Volunteering can be a great way to add experience to your resume even before you have a job.  If you already have a job, it can be a great way to get the experience to move up the corporate ladder or get a new job.  Consider ways that volunteer service could enhance your resume.