Create a Personal Brand

Create a Personal Brand

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Create a personal brand through a few simple strategies.  Your personal brand allows you to be recognized and seen for who you are and what you do. This starts by thinking of yourself as a brand.

Evaluate your personal brand

Consider how you add values to others and what you have to share.  Consider what is uniquely valuable about yourself.  What is the product or talent that you have to share?  Create your brand around your abilities.

Take the time to evaluate how others see you.  How can you be more clear in  telling others who you are?  Be clear in what you can do? How can  you add value? Pay attention to what you share about yourself.  How can you create a strong online presence that reflects who you are?  What are your priorities and who is your target audience?  What details will impact the image you share with others?

Make a few changes to secure your brand

Once you have evaluated your personal brand, you can consider what changes to make to secure your brand.  Your brand reflects your image.  This is included in how you dress.  Consider how you carry yourself.  Update your social network profiles to reflect your brand.  Create a new web site that reflects your brand.  Start a blog that  supports your brand. As you align all that you do with your new personal brand, you will find that your brand caries though in all that you do.


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