Create a career plan

Create a career plan

87 career plan

Create a career plan in order to achieve your career goals.  First, you must identify what it is you like and want to do.  Next, you must outline the steps to reach your goal.  Finally, you must take action to prepare for your desired job.  As you work through each step of your career plan you will move closing to meeting your desired goal.

Identify what you would like to do

Evaluate your own skills, interests, and desires in light of the job market and job needs to determine what you would like to do that will be in demand as a job and allow you to earn the salary you desire.  Consider jobs that will pay you will, give you the life style you desire, and best use your talents and abilities on the job.

Some individuals like to conduct this kind of self-evaluation annually to see how things have changed, to modify what they want to do, and to stay focused on their career plan.  Take the time for self-evaluation as part of creating a good career plan.

Outline the steps to reach your goal

Once you know what you want to do and the job you have targeted, then outline the steps that it will take to reach your goal.  As yourself the following questions to help you prepare your career plan.

  • What next step can I take to gain the skills and experience you need to work in your target job?
  • Evaluate whether you need formal training, a degree or certificate to work in your target job. If so, what is the next thing you can do to move towards getting that degree or certificate?
  • Ask yourself who could serve as a mentor for you to help you move into your target job? Is there someone in your current workplace? On the Internet? In your community who could help guide you to your dream job?
  • Ask if there are skills that build on other skills? If so, how could you outline your skill development as a step by step process to help others?

As you outline your goal consider setting short term – one month to one year goals – in addition to long term five and ten year goals.  Both short and long terms steps can keep you moving in  a positive direction in your career.

Take action to reach your goal

Once you have created a career plan, take action to reach your goal.  This involves setting aside the time and other resources needed to ensure that your plan becomes a reality.  If you have short term setbacks, start anew.  Keep at it over the short and long run and you will create good opportunities for yourself and your career. Do what it takes to reach your designated career goal.


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