If You Never Ask, The Answer Will Always Be No

If you Never Ask, the Answer Will Always Be No

Find the job o your dreams

If you never ask, the answer will always be no.  Dear me!  Have you ever felt like you’ll never get the job of your dreams? I have.

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and wonder why I’m going through all this trouble to pursue my passions (Film & Theatre) in an industry that is so competitive, cutthroat, and ultimately known for chewing people up and spitting them out (gulp). We live in a fast-paced society that grows more and more competitive.

Just re-reading that sentence makes my stomach lurch. It seems like there’s always one more thing to do or it feels as though we aren’t doing enough. There you are sitting in an interview waiting room sizing up your competition wondering why on earth you’re there. As a senior, I understand how it feels to be a little fish being thrown into the ocean that is the (insert Jaws theme song here) “job market.”

If I never ask, the answer will always be no to the job of my dreams

Bear with me. Sure, some mornings I wake up with that dread in my gut…but most mornings I wake up full of joy because I get to go to class and analyze film, create and share stories, and just generally do all the things I love to do. It’s a scary prospect that there is a chance that I may not make it in the industry I’ve come to love so much, but whenever I feel that way I remind myself that if I never ask, the answer will always be no.

    • If I never try to become a producer, I’ll never become a producer.
    • When I never go after the jobs I want, I’ll never get the jobs I want.
    • If I never get out of my comfort zone, I’ll live a passionless life or I will get bored because I haven’t challenged myself.
    • When I only do 10% of my work, I’ll only get 10% out of that experience.

Ask to get the job of your dreams

So here’s my two cents: Talk to people in your career field who have “made it” in the job you want. Ask them how they ended up being where they are, and why they decided to pursue that career. Send emails to people you’ve never met before, but hope to be like one day.

I’ve done this so many times and sometimes people say they don’t have time to speak with me, but so what? In that case, I’m proud of myself for having the courage to ask. I’ll never wonder if my life would have taken a different path had I talked to that person or gone after that specific opportunity.

And here’s the amazing part:  they are more than happy to meet with me  After all, people love to talk about themselves and it’s fascinating to learn about the paths people take in life. It’s also easier on them if you pursue them and they don’t have to work so hard to find the perfect person (a.k.a. you). Your path will be entirely your own, and I have no doubt it will be an incredibly interesting story.

I don’t claim to be an expert in job hunting, but you know who is? Debbie Kubena and Monica Jackson…so you should make an appointment and talk to them. Not only are they super friendly and kind, but I get help figuring out how to swim in this ocean. It helps to have people encouraging you and helping you pursue your passions and they are the kind of women who will do just that.

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