The interview question everyone fails

The Interview Question everyone fails

I recently received some feedback from a recruiter that works for a well-known American brand icon about a particular interview question that most candidates can’t seem to answer correctly. It’s one of the most common questions asked in an interview and one of the most fumbled unknowingly by a candidate. Are you ready for the question??

Why should we hire you?

What most people say

Most people answer with “I’ve always admired your company [Insert whatever reason here]” or use this as an opportunity to show off the research they’ve done about the company. While all of these are decent responses, you can really blow a recruiters socks off by taking a slightly different approach.

What companies want to hear

Employers really would rather hear about how you can help their company, because in the end that is why they want to hire you. Unfortunately, it’s not for your great fashion sense or how you tell the best he-said/she-said jokes. While they might come to love these qualities down the road, your initial purpose is to help grow their company. It is the success that you can bring the specific role, department, or company as a whole.

So next time, take this as an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the company AND show off what you can do for them. For example, you’re interviewing with Advertising Agency that has a strong emphasis on account planning. Your answer should go something like this:

“It sounds like you are looking for someone who is a strong communicator and has the ability to draw in new clients with fresh ideas. During my last internship with ABC Advertising I was able to bring in 10 new clients over a 6 month period in 3 different industries. I believe I have the demonstrated ability to conceptualize and introduce new strategies that build brands and increase product growth while maximizing profits.”

Sounds easy enough right?

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