Improve your people skills

Improve your People Skills

53 People skills

Look for ways to improve your people skills.  Strong “soft skills” can add to your capabilities on the job and increase your career opportunities.  Here are a few skills that can  be strengthened.

Take a Class to Improve your people skills

* Interpersonal Communication *   Leadership *

* Easy English 1 * Beginning Conversational French * Speed Spanish * Instant Italian *

*Discover Sign Language * Get Assertive! *  Individual Excellence*

* Mastering Public Speaking * Skills for Making Great Decisions * Building Teams that Work *

*Managing Customer Service * Achieving Success with Difficult People * Business and Marketing Writing *

* Write Effective Web Content * Blogging and Podcasting for Beginners *

*Jump start your career with LinkedIn * Effective Business Writing * Writing Essentials *

Practice Communication Skills

Make it a point to regularly improve your people skills. Practice listening. Ask questions.  Show interest in what others are doing.  Learn new things.  Try to understand what others are saying.  Practice your ability to speak clearly in order to explain  what you mean.  Learn to speak in public.  Share your knowledge and learn from others.  Take the time to evaluate and solve problems.  Learn to communicate to get to the root of a problem and solve it permanently.

As you practice these skills, you make yourself more valuable in the workplace. People will come to you when they need help with a problem.

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