Learn to use business software programs

Learn to use business software programs

61 business computer

Learn to use business software programs. This will improve your ability to get a job that pays well in the modern workplace. Upgrade your skills and tune-up your career by learning the software that will keep you competitive on the job.

Accounting Software

Adobe Software

General Business Software



Data Base Management

Web Design

Consider personal enrichment

Consider personal enrichment

57 Personal Enrichment

Consider personal enrichment.   As you learn new things personally, it will impact your ability to do the job. You can enrich your own learning and understanding which will either expand your skill set on the job, or help you feel renewed and refreshed to work hard at your career. Here are a few options as you consider personal enrichment.

*Drawing for the Absolute Beginner *   Introduction to Guitar*

*Achieving Success with Difficult People * Handling Medical Emergencies * Individual Excellence*

*Interpersonal Communication * Discover Sign Language * Starting a nonprofit *

*Introduction to Natural Health and Healing * Start your own edible garden * Personal Finance*

*Mastering Public Speaking* Publish and Sell your E-Books * Skills for Making Great Decisions *

*Merrill Ream Speed Reading * Introduction to Statistics * Growing Plants for Profit and Fun *

*Learn to Buy and Sell on eBay * Start your own gift basket business * Wow, What a great event *

*Introduction to Interior Design * Introduction to Journaling * Instant Italian *

*How to get started in Game Development * Merrill Ream Speed Reading * Write your life story *

Select the topic that looks right for you as you consider personal enrichment.

Invest in yourself: Learn skills for business and financial literacy

Invest in yourself

Learn skills for business and financial literacy


57 Financial Literacy

Take the time to invest in yourself and learn the skills for business and financial literacy. It may only take a a few minutes, but your time will be well spend.  You will come away with new understanding of business.  You will expand your ability to help your company turn  a profit. It will help you make sound financial decisions.  This can impact you both personally and professionally.  What are you waiting for?  Take action now to develop the skills to be a financial success.

Some people think that there is a secret for those who have money.  There is no secret.  There is simply a lot of hard work, planning, and financial management.  Be the one with the skills to do this and you can make yourself financially successful.  It all starts with  how you manage what you have.  You can increase your earning potential and save more.  Consider how to invest and make a profit.  As you invest in yourself, you will soon find that you are the one with a strong financial basis. Don’t delay. Take action for your success now!

Classes for business and financial literacy

*Keys to Successful Money Management * Advanced Microsoft Excel 2016 * Accounting Fundamentals *

*Where Does all my money go? *  Introduction to Crystal Reports * Real Estate Investing *

*Introduction to Business Analysis* Performing Payroll in QuickBooks 2014 *

*Personal Finance  * Intermediate Quick Books 2016 * Stocks, Bonds, and Investing: Oh, My!*

*Business Finance for Non-Finance Personnel* The Analysis and Evaluation of Stocks *

*Mastery of Business Fundamentals* Introduction to Stock Options*

Improve your people skills

Improve your People Skills

53 People skills

Look for ways to improve your people skills.  Strong “soft skills” can add to your capabilities on the job and increase your career opportunities.  Here are a few skills that can  be strengthened.

Take a Class to Improve your people skills

* Interpersonal Communication *   Leadership *

* Easy English 1 * Beginning Conversational French * Speed Spanish * Instant Italian *

*Discover Sign Language * Get Assertive! *  Individual Excellence*

* Mastering Public Speaking * Skills for Making Great Decisions * Building Teams that Work *

*Managing Customer Service * Achieving Success with Difficult People * Business and Marketing Writing *

* Write Effective Web Content * Blogging and Podcasting for Beginners *

*Jump start your career with LinkedIn * Effective Business Writing * Writing Essentials *

Practice Communication Skills

Make it a point to regularly improve your people skills. Practice listening. Ask questions.  Show interest in what others are doing.  Learn new things.  Try to understand what others are saying.  Practice your ability to speak clearly in order to explain  what you mean.  Learn to speak in public.  Share your knowledge and learn from others.  Take the time to evaluate and solve problems.  Learn to communicate to get to the root of a problem and solve it permanently.

As you practice these skills, you make yourself more valuable in the workplace. People will come to you when they need help with a problem.

Develop new skills for the new year

Develop new skills for the new year

49 skills


Develop new skills for the new year. New skills can help you move up the career ladder.  Be ready to assume more responsibility. Prepare with new skills. Remember, both hard skills (what you know and do) as well as soft skills (communication and leadership) are needed on the job. Keep it simple! Take a class.  Read a book. Sign up for a   seminar. Find ways to expand and develop your skills.

Ask yourself what skills others have that you would like to have. Get a fried to help you practice a new skill. Ask  colleague to share how he or she learned something. Explore the library with an eye to improving your skills. There are many ways to improve your skill set. Get creative!

Business Knowledge

Consider the business knowledge you need to succeed at work.  Do you know what it takes to run a profitable business? Can you manage employees? Do you understand accounting and financial management? Evaluate your knowledge gaps. Take action to close the gaps and gain new knowledge.


Technical Skills

What technical skills are needed in your business? Are you up to date on software your company uses?  Can you search the internet? Do you know how to learn to use  new technology? Where are your technology gaps? What can you do to fill in the gaps?

Communication and Leadership

What communication skills do you need? How can you better communicate at work? What can you learn to improve your communication? Which communication skills do leaders need? What communication skills are needed in your workplace? Do you have the skills it takes?  What do you need to brush up on?

As you contemplate the skills you need, you will find that success follows. Evaluate your skill and knowledge gaps. Take action to fill in the gaps. Keep learning. Prepare yourself to be in demand now and in the future.

Take time to develop new skills for the new year.  Soon your capacity will increase.  Your job opportunities will expand.  You will be the one most likely to be hired.  It will help you prepare to move up the company ladder. Don’t wait! Invest in yourself by developing new skills for the new year.  Each new year brings new opportunities. Prepare yourself to take advantage of those opportunities in order to find success.

Tune-up your career – Learn About Legal Compliance

Tune-up your career – learn about legal compliance. 

45 Legal Compliance

Learn about legal compliance. The law applies to any organization.  Learn how it applies to your organization so you can  advance your skills and put your career in a better place. Do you know the basics of business law? What does it take to management employees within the law? How do you respond if someone is hurt on the job?  What criminal sanctions might apply to your workplace?  If you find you are lacking some answers, consider taking a course to increase your knowledge of the law.

Employment Law Fundamentals

Workers Compensation

Real Estate Law

Introduction to Criminal Law

HIPAA Compliance

Legal Nurse Consulting

Business Law

Consider the law you need to know for your business and take a few minutes to tune up your career by increasing your knowledge of the law.  Prepare now.  Get the knowledge you need to tune-up your career.  Increase your knowledge of with legal compliance.  Do what it takes to advance on the job.



Technology Training

Technology Training

43 Technology

Get technology training. Everyone uses technology in order to work.  Every job uses computers to get things done. Upgrade your technology skills so you can upgrade your overall job skill set.  Consider the skills you may need.  This may include knowledge of computer basics.  Can you use new software?  What data base management tools can you use? How are you at web technology and design?  Are you up to date on graphic design? What about computer programming? Take a class to improve your skill set.

Some people have a fear of technology. If this describes you, overcome your fear.  Learn about computers and software. Practice. Improve what you can do. Soon you will find it easy to dive in and do things on the computer.

Computer Basics

What computer basics do you need to know? Keyboarding? Can you use word, excel, or powerpoint? Where are your computer skill gaps?

Computer Skills for the Workplace
Introduction to Windows 7
Introduction to Windows 8
Understanding the Cloud
Introduction to Microsoft Powerpoint 2013
Introduction to Microsoft Word 2013
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2013



What software do you know? Which applications would you like to know? What software would help you on the job?

Introduction to Adobe Acrobat X
Introduction to Dreamweaver CS6
Introduction to Flash CS6
Introduction to InDesign CC
Introduction to Quick Books 2015
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2013
Introduction to Crystal Reports


Database Management

Do you know how to manage databases? Can you prepare reports? What could you learn to do better with database management?

Introduction to Crystal Reports
Introduction to Database Development
Introduction to Microsoft Access 2013
Introduction to Oracle
Introduction to PHP and My SQL


Web Technology and Design

How are you on the web? What do you still need to learn? Which skills could you improve? What would you like to know about the web?

Blogging and podcasting for beginners
Achieving top search engine positions
Marketing your business on the Internet
Creating Web Pages
Designing Effective Websites
How to Get Started in Game Development
Creating Word Press Web Sites
Introduction to CSS3 and HTML5
Introduction to Java Script


Graphic Design

Have you always wanted to design something on the computer?  Take a class to learn about graphic design.

Introduction to Adobe Edge Animate
Introduction to Corel DRAWX5
Introduction to Photoshop CC


Computer Programming

Which computer programming language would you like to know? What would help you on the job?

Introduction to Programming
Introduction to C++ Programming
Mac, IPhone, and Ipad Programming
Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5
Introduction to Visual Basic
Introduction to Networking

Consider how to get technology training. Expand your technical abilities, and your job opportunities will increase.  Almost every job requires technical skills.  Make sure you have the skills that are needed so others will need your help.  A few technical skills may be just the think to ensure you are the one who gets the next job offer.

We are in an age of technology.  It pays to be the one “in the know.” It can be as simple as taking a class. Learn to use a new application. Increase your software capabilities. It doesn’t take much to give yourself a boost. Find a way to get technology training. It will pay off in terms of your job, salary, and opportunities. Be the one who knows how to use technology.  Prepare yourself to answer others questions. Use technology to get the job done.

Strengthen Business Skills

Strengthen Business Skills

40 Business Skills

Strengthen business skills so you will find that you are more valuable to your employer.  So what business skills do you need?  You need to know about general business in order to make better business decisions.  Be sure you understand how to be a manager so that you can mentor others.   Understand business in order to make good decisions. Invest in yourself and your career will grow! When you have the business skills you need, then your career will go. A few minutes today can make a big difference in your capabilities tomorrow.

Extra knowledge and skills can be the thing to help you differentiate yourself in the workplace.  You can be the one who stands out because you simply know what business is about. Learn how to read a financial report. Consider how to manage people.  Understand the laws that govern the workplace.  One skill at a time you can enhance your capabilities.

General Business Skills

Management Skills

Business Knowledge

Strengthen business skills in order to prepare for the future. Strong skills can help you move up the corporate ladder in order to  land a dream job. Consider your skills and where you can fill in a few missing pieces so that you are better qualified in the workplace.

Get the Business Skills employers hire for

Get the Business Skills employers hire for

37 skills


Get the business skills that employers hire for. Learn something new to make yourself more marketable in the workplace.  Take a class. Sign up for a seminar. Go to a brown bag lunch.  Find ways to keep learning on the job.  This will allow you to be in a prime position to earn that promotion, get a new job, or move into a job that pays better.

In a few short weeks, you can expand your capabilities, knowledge, and ability to do well. Consider the things that you need to know to move into management.  You need to know the know the “Fundamentals of Supervision and Management, Employment Law Fundamentals, and how Building Teams that work can help you. It is important to have skills in Leadership, Total Quality Fundamentals, and Mastery of Business Fundamentals.

Click on the links below to explore which things you can learn about in order to increase your job opportunities.


Mastery of Business Fundamentals Building Teams that Work
Business Finance for Non-Finance Personnel Employment Law Fundamentals
Accounting Fundamentals Understanding the Human Resource Function
Fundamentals of Supervision and Management Nonprofit fundraising essentials
Manufacturing Fundamentals Leadership
Purchasing Fundamentals Keys to Effective Communication
High Speed Project Management Small Business Marketing
Six Sigma:  Total Quality Applications Marketing your business on the Internet
Total Quality Fundamentals Effective Selling
Creating a Successful Business Plan Learn to buy and sell on eBay
Keys to Successful Money Management Start and operate your own home-based business
Real Estate Investing Introduction to Stock Options


Medical Training

Medical Training


36 medical 2


The medical profession employs a number of workers.  Take the time to find out if a medical career is for you .  Take a class to learn what medical professionals know . Do some medical training to land your dream job!


Career Exploration Skills/Knowledge Development
Explore a Career as an Administrative medical assistant Handling Medical Emergencies
Become an optical assistant HIPAA Compliance
Become a physical therapy aide Spanish for Medical Professionals
Explore a career in nursing Spanish for Medical Professionals II
Explore a career in medical writing Medical Math
Explore a career in medical coding Introduction to Statistics
Explore a career in medical transcription Human Anatomy and Physiology
Explore a career as a pharmacy technician Human Anatomy and Physiology II
Legal nurse consulting Teaching Students with Autism
Introduction to natural health and healing Leadership
Certificate in healing environments Build Teams that Work
Certificate in stress management Interpersonal Communication
Certificate in meditation Keys to Effective Communication
Certificate in  spirituality, health, and healing Fundamentals of Supervision &Management
Certificate in brain health Fundamentals of Supervision & Management II
Certificate in complementary and alternative medicine Fundamentals of Technical Writing
Certificate in Starting your own business in health and healing  Employment Law Fundamentals
Certificate in Healthy Aging Business Finance for Non-Finance Personnel
Certificate in Food, Nutrition, and Health Mastery of Business Fundamentals
Certificate in End of Life Care Nonprofit fundraising essentials
Certificate in Gerontology
Certificate in Holistic and Integrative Health: Foundations 1 Creating a Successful Business Plan
Certificate in Integrative Mental Health Workers Compensation
Certificate in Pain Assessment and Management Total quality fundamentals
Certificate in Perinatal Issues Medical terminology:  a word association approach

So what are you waiting for?  Dive in to learn what you need to know to pursue a medical career.