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Prepare to Move into Management

Prepare to move into management   Prepare to move into management.  Learn what you need to know.  Teach yourself to manage and lead others in the organization. Ask what you need to learn about business.  Try to contribute to the company’s bottom line. This will prepare you for a future job opportunity arises. Take the […]

Plan your job future

Plan your job future   Plan for your job future.  Since workplace continues to change, you need to continue to change to stay up to date with the needs of employers.  This may mean updating your technology skills, learning about job trends, learning more about the business, or expanding your understanding of leadership and management. […]

Assess Job Opportunities

Assess Job Opportunities     It is always a good idea to take the time to assess job opportunities.  Look at the marketplace and consider ways you can be the one to match your skills to the current and future job opportunities.  You can be the one in high demand as you prepare yourself with […]

Learn to Succeed in Small Business

Learn to Succeed in a Small Business   Learn to succeed in small business.  It starts with business skills.  Understand how to open and successfully run a small business.  Consider honing your skills.  You can open and run a small business that thrives. Maybe you already have a business and want to learn more.  This […]

Develop skills for success

Develop skills for success Take the time to develop skills for success.  As you expand your skill set and capabilities to be successful on the job, you will find that your preparation opens the doors to new job opportunities.  Create an ongoing professional development plan so that you are always finding ways to use develop […]

Look at hidden job markets

 Look at hidden job markets   Look at hidden job markets.  These are the jobs that don’t get advertised so it takes some digging to find them.  These are the jobs where someone is hired before word is out the company is hiring. You have to make connections to find out about these jobs,  These […]

Create a career plan

Create a career plan Create a career plan in order to achieve your career goals.  First, you must identify what it is you like and want to do.  Next, you must outline the steps to reach your goal.  Finally, you must take action to prepare for your desired job.  As you work through each step […]